Testing out a New OS

Simply typing this message is cool for me because I’m doing it not from Windows, or Mac.

Anyone who knows me personally, knows I like fast things. Cars, computers, animals; they must be quick.

I detest things that are slow. I’ve tried to run alternate OSes before. But shitty/small flash drives made me beyond angry, while running virtualized OSes, even on fast hardware was inherently slow.

I ran Ubuntu in both the above ways for a semester as an experiment with Linux for an Intro to Comp-Sci course. Bravo to that teacher. James Looby of HVCC. His website has essentially his entire class on it.

I enjoyed his class. Before that, I ran a separate hard drive with the latest Fedora installed. God, between YUM and a new OS version on an almost Every-other-month Basis, it was not for beginners. Plus, finding Graphics drivers was the biggest pain in the cock I’ve ever had.

The Ubuntu I played with was the 14.04 LTS version. While I liked it, it was very bloated. So much pretty, but it started to draw on the system resources.

Today, I finally got this flash drive in the mail. It’s not the fastest, but for the price, storage space, and because I barely notice it in my laptop, I went with it anyways.

Now, for something to fill it with… For that I turned to one of the user-friendliest distros on the market: Linux Mint.

Specifically the MATE version. It’s a little bit more spartan with the UI but is quicker because it drains less resources than the Cinnamon, which is prettier, but uses GNOME, like Ubuntu. I generally stuck with the KDE Environment when I used Fedora, but I never found myself making use of the 4 different desktops, and I because the computer I was running it on was a tank at the time, I didn’t notice a difference between it and GNOME Fedora.

So far, it’s working great. It’s snappy even running with the USB as it’s main storage, the 64 GB means I can toss lots of programs on it, and a simple reboot is all that’s required to switch between it and Windows. I’m loving it so far. My main reason for giving it a try was my rekindled love of technology thanks to having to take some CompSci courses to fill out my broken-ass class schedule.

So, wonderful. I’m running 17.1 of Linux Mint with the MATE environment and I’m loving it. Hooray for FOSS.

Everyone should try out Linux for themselves if for no other reason than grins. Pendrive Linux is how I made mine. But you can always burn yourself a LiveCD/DVD as well. USB is just faster >:)

Have you had experience with Linux? You a hard-core programmer, or a regular user? I’d like to hear why and how you use/have used Linux. Leave me a comment below!

New Blog Created!

I am testing out new ideas on a blog I started for a college class at St. Rose. It’s all about Plastic Modeling (Plamo), including building and painting of both Gundam Plastic Kits (Gunpla) and Warhammer 40k models (40k).

It’s still in it’s infancy, but it would mean a lot if you could check it out and maybe follow it! ;)


It’s a work in progress, but I’m already really proud. Give it a look to check out my latest paint job of a Cosmic-themed Nobel Gundam!81JrolkpuZL._SL1500_

Thanks everyone! I may still post here with all my rants when inspiration strikes me. Have a great day filled with unfettered creativity!

Finished another HG Gunpla. Typically, it’s derivative of the Wing Gundam…

LvwQqHc - Imgur


That’s right. The Wing Gundam Fenice. Took me a bit longer to build because I used some different techniques, products, and spent more time smoothing it out.

I noted what I used in the photos, but just in case you just want to know…

Under chest vents were painted with Army Painter’s Matt Black acrylic primer. Face vents/lines were done with the self-same paint, but thinned.

Panel lining was done in stages:

  • White/Beige: Mechanical Pencil
  • Green and Gold: Pigment Pens (For Inking Sketches)
  • Red: 50/50 Mix of Citdadel’s Agrax Earthshade and Carroburg Crimson washes.

The Eyes were painted separately as well.

  • Primered in Army Painted Matt Black (Slightly Thinned)
  • Base Coated Eyes in Citadel’s Ceramite White (Thinned, multi coat)
  • The area under the eyes was done with thinned Ceramite White (watery consistency) and then painted with Citadel’s Nuln Oil Shade for the “gray” look.
  • The eyes were then layered with Citadel’s White Scar Layer Paint (again, thinned)
  • The left eye was painted over with Waywatcher Green Glaze from Citadel, while the right was given a few coats of Carroburg Crimson Shade.
  • Both eyes then recieved a coat of Citadel’s ‘Ardcoat from their Technical Range.

This was also the first kit I’ve done where I filed in one direction, and then polished with 2000 Grit Automotive sandpaper. Worked quite well.

  • The Chest Jewel was given several coats of Waywatcher Green Glaze on the inside and then a final coating of ‘Ardcoat also on the inside to protect it.

All parts were then washed in dawn and warm water to get off grease and plastic dust.

Final, individual parts (each arm, each leg, the backpack, head, weapons, hands, and groin) were sprayed lightly with Army Paint Anti-Shine Matt Varnish from a rattle-can. As a side note, I heated the can up by submerging it in warm water for about 5 minutes, then shook well, shot 3 lightish coats. Turning the parts around for the second, and then doing a final pass over all of it. I was spraying into a cardboard box because it’s like 17*F where I live.

All in all, I think it came out spectacular. Wing Gundam was placed near it to show the difference in Technique. The OG Wing’s eyes were done similar to the left eye on the Fenice, though all panel lining was done with thinned Army Painter Matt Black. Comes off more cartoony, but I like that.

Finished my HGAC XXXG-01W Wing Gundam


Full Album

Here are the results of all my modeling experience. It was a pretty fun thing to complete. I think I went overboard with the panel lining again, but I’m really happy with how it came out.

The Premium Parts Collection (PPC) Mechanical Hands looks great. Fully Jointed in 1/144 scale is amazing. I cannot recommend these enough. They look slightly disproportionate, but so what. Way too cool to pass up.

Gundam Build Fighters – IRL Gunpla Gripes

I recently got back into Gundam and more specifically Gunpla, because I used to build them in the mid to late 90s. Ah, youth.

But now I see build fighters and get the itch to build Gunpla again… and I see that pretty much every Gunpla used in the show is HG but most of them have internal frames!

“Damn, why aren’t the HG Kits offered with an Internal Frame?”

You see how easy the Gunpla are to work on and repair in the show, and I know it’s the show, but they constantly have the Gunpla apart to do things to it.

I know there’s RGs for Internal Framed 1/144, but I feel like they need to expand the line more! I really love the idea of an internal frame for that size because it makes them sturdier, harder to break. More complex sure, but isn’t that half the fun? The frame also adds more weight to the main body of the model which gives it better balance in the case of models with large/silly backpacks such as Wing/Zero/EW/God Gundam.

Which is why the RG Wing Zero EW is at the top of my list for my next Gunpla. I thought I was going to try some of the new HG lines, which I started with Wing Gundam this week. Also an HG-Build Fighter (the jet from Build Strike Full Package) because it’s interchangable on HG kits.

I like the interchangability of parts, being able to kitbash and make unique creations was one of the reasons I fell so hard for Warhammer 40k models.

The more I think about it though, the more I feel like Internal frames need to be the norm. It helps from a logistical standpoint. If the frames can be customized/standardized, then IF something breaks, it’s much easier to fix.

I always had problems with the shoulder joints of the old HG kits. Building the HGAC Wing Gundam makes me worry about the shoulder joints too, and the leg joints…

Posing Gunpla is half the fun, and I like mine to be able to move as frequently as action figures. I know the plastic wears away after a while and the joints become a bit floppy, but if you’re going to build a Gunpla, I don’t think it should just sit on a shelf!

Who says the fun should end after you’ve assembled and painted it? I know it’s physically impossible for what occurs in build fighters to happen IRL but who’s to say it wouldn’t be the most bad-ass thing to ever happen to Gunpla?!

Whatever, this was a rant, and probably a poorly written one at that, I just didn’t want to floor Reddit with a rant.

Maybe I’ll buy a few RG Zero EW kits and see if I can’t crowbar the armor of a Wing or other Gundam onto it. I’m all excited now. I can’t wait to finish classes/work and finish Wing Gundam tonight!

EDIT: I suppose HG Kits do use a frame, just not a very robust one. I totally forgot about all the gray parts you use to make the frame. Including the polycaps. However, I still feel it’s a bit lack-lustre compared to MG and RG kits. (Never built nor seen a PG kit so don’t ask me about those)

I guess it’s not so bad. Maybe I’ll go home and double check all the parts. I mean, I’m going to end up at least panel lining the armor parts anyways.

I’m on Twitch.TV

After writing a very long research paper, I decided to join Twitch because of how cool it is!

Username: PhantomGett

Also, I have a new site! http://tdrake-s14.weebly.com/

Get to know me, I’m amazing!

PSA – Mental Health

Been a while since I posted. Today, I want to talk to you about therapy.

Reason being, is there are people I know who would benefit from it and refuse to go because of misconceptions, or poor experiences.

Well, this is for those of you who think therapy is bunk, or they want to screw with your head, or they can’t help you, or they’re just a bunch of fancy assholes with a degree that tells them how your brain works and you know better than them…

Here we go.

Therapy isn’t a bad thing.

I went to a therapist when I was feeling depressed. When I felt like killing myself. You know what happened? I lucked out. I got someone who cared about me, who was willing to see me almost immediately and someone who helped me overcome that low point in my life. I’m a normal guy. If I can benefit, anyone can.

Let’s dispel some myths I’ve heard.

Therapists only want to change my mind and talk me out of doing what I want to…
FALSE: Therapists want you to be 100% sure that what you want to do is what’s best for you. They will not try to change your mind. They will try to validate your feelings and work on whatever is causing you strife in your life. This goes for any Therapists, even for couples and family counseling. They want you to be healthy.

Therapists also DO NOT want to tell you how to live your life. Because if it blows up in your face, they don’t want to take the blame.

Therapy can’t really help me!
Well not with that attitude!

Therapy isn’t a magic bullet that will solve your problems. You go when you feel a need to, you talk about your problems in safe environment, and you develop a plan to begin to fix them, with an unbiased party who is being paid to be concerned about you!

Therapists want to help you. The only way they can’t, is if you don’t let them.

Therapy is really expensive!
Actually, no.

Therapy can be as affordable as you want it to be. Many times, your school or job will either have a department of mental health professionals, or your insurance will cover some of the cost.

You can always ask.

Even if it does end up being expensive, isn’t your emotional, and cognitive well-being worth it?

Just like any other sickness, a mental one can be dangerous and even kill you if left unchecked.

I had a bad experience with a mental health professional and it turned me off…
Well, I’m sorry about that. That really is a shame. Because there are so many of them! If one doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean they all won’t. A brain isn’t like an engine. There’s no manual and different methods might work better for some people than others.

You should never be afraid or timid in finding a new mental health professional if you think one isn’t helping you quite right.

It’s your brain and your job to keep it healthy!

A quick aside; if someone tells you that you may benefit from therapy, even if you don’t agree, realize they are telling you because they care about you and want you to be happy and healthy. Some offices will offer free screening, and it’s in your best interest, if you’re sad or find that life is hard, or that someone cared enough about you to recommend it, that you take a few minutes and ask a professional.

I realize this is a bit disorganized, and I’ll clean the post up and add new things if people gives me more myths. I want people, everyone, to know that therapy isn’t a bad thing. And it could save your life. Because I know it helped save mine. Also a little help never hurt anyone.

So please people, take care of your brain.