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Started a new Hobby…

I recently got addicted to Warhammer 40,000. I picked up the Dark Vengeance set for a cool 100 bucks.

Dark Vengeance is an extraordinary value for money considering regular Games Workshop prices. You get a 5 Deathwing Terminators, 3 Ravenwing Bikes, 8 Tactical Marines, 1 seargent, 1 heavy plasma cannon wielder, 1 Librarian, and a Company Master, plus a bonus for special edition set, which is a specially modeled Interogator Chaplain, and that’s just from the Dark Angels.

Representing Chaos, you get 1 Chaos Lord Kranon, 4 Chaos Chosen, 1 “Hellbrute” dreadnought, and 2 squads of chaos cultists.

On top of all that, you get 6 regular D6s, a scatter die, translucent green templates, 2 measuring sticks, a quick play, and reference book, and a miniature rulebook with all the rules needed to play. No need for the 80 dollar hardcover huge one.

Mind you, the rulebook has all the rules for the game, just not the hobby related stuff. Still freaking sweet.

So obviously all the DA have an interesting color scheme. Well here’s how you paint the tactical Marines and those with robes

Info from GW:
Paint power Armor with a black primer coat, then a Caliban Green base with Nuln Oil wash. Edge highlighting with Warpstone Glow and then thinner with Moot Green.

For robes, start with Zandri Dust, then wash with Seraphim Sepia. Layer except in the recesses with Ushabti Bone, and then highlight the most raised areas with Screaming Skull.

The robe colors should also apply to the terminator scheme.

Ravenwing should be abbadon black base, edge highlighting with grays. GW was vauge on this, I recommend using Mechanicus Gray or lighter and then a gray or two lighter for the final edge high lighting. Eyes can be Mephiston Red base, with Wild Suns Scarlet in the front, and either Ceramite, or White Scars for the “glare marks”. Of if going green, try some more Caliban Green base and Warpstone in the front.

Good luck.