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Albany, NY Shadow Society

Hey everyone. If you live in NY and want to play Shadowrun however don’t know anyone who plays, head on over to to meet some new players, GMs and also intereact with others who share your passion.

Also, head over to to read up on the latest news, and also intereact with their forum community


Insecure Females

Females seem to be insecure about their bodies. Why? I have to wonder what is so much pressure on them to be completely insecure and seeking attention to put their insecurities to rest.

No one is perfect, most of us are either resolved to change it, but try to do it without grubbing for attention, or accepting that fact and living with one’s own imperfections. High School girls in particular are insecure about themselves. It’s like the rest of us accept it. Why can’t you? I mean seriously, there are very few girls who should be insecure but are.

Ever noticied that girls are always insecure about how “pretty” they are? You can’t reason with them either. Male-Logic has no effect on these delicate things we call females. You try to explain that “pretty”, “cute”, “sexy” are in the eye of the beholder. The girls tell you that there is a standard that most girls strive for. Ever notice the girls who AREN’T striving for an impossible standard are perfectly happy, and don’t complain, or get on their friends nerves. They are the ones who win, because they don’t starve themselves or destroy their skin with make up, or lower their own wholistic essence with invasive surgeries for breast implants, or cheek impants, or “booty” implants, or lipo.

The insecurities of the female sex, are illogical, and irrational. Their insecurities stem from the “bad-boys” (Again, I mention them). They say the guys who DO judge every single girl to a specific standard, i.e. the A-Holes, are the ones the girls want to date and thusly, those guys have a “hold” over the female’s own views of themselves.

However, most decent guys are impressed, or fall for the girl, as in, her personality, her traits, her mind. The body is usually an after thought. But, girls who think the bad boy would be the better challenge have some growing up to do.

It’s about how the girl wants to be treated. If she wants a jack ass who will make her unhappy however present the largest challenge, will usually end up in a bad relationship feeling insecure. However, if a nice guy is who the girl wants to date, she can expect to be treated with respect and care. The nice guys will tell their women everyday that they look beautiful, and mean it. Love has a way of changing your eyes.

 In short, females are insecure, not due to any logical reason (at least to males), and we can’t console them, however, thats not to say you can’t lessen those insecurities.

Sorry about the long winded, unorganized rant. I had enough to say. Anyway, sorry about that.

In non-life related news. My Computer is ONCE AGAIN, experiencing technical difficulties, as well as I’m a bit busy with school… So, apologies for not updating recently