When Frustration Turns to Fury…

Tonight I was very excited, because I was going to hurry home to unbox a pair of Audeze iSine LX in-ear planar magnetic headphones.

Now, this was a special occasion because previously, I purchased a pair of Monoprice M300 in-ear planar magnetic headphones…

Well, those M300’s showed up defective, and even though Monoprice was prompt in getting me a shipping label and waiting patiently while I decided whether I wanted a replacement or a refund, I ultimately went for the refund and figured a legit pair of Audeze’s would be best. You know, pay more for the peace of mind that I’m supporting a US Company and not supporting a clone?

In theory, sure. In practice?

I barely had the LX’s out of the box before the ear clip snapped on me. Guess what, there’s only one pair of each size and the larger pair doesn’t fit my ears. Okay, well that’s mildly frustrating. But not the worst thing ever right?

Well, I can’t really use them comfortably without the right clips and it appears Audeze doesn’t include the silicone in-ear wedge things anymore, so RIP me. Was hoping I could get my favorite Dekoni bulletz tips on because the silicone ear tips just… Kinda get gross in my ears too quick? I don’t know how else to describe it. Surprise! The Dekoni’s don’t fit the LX’s. They barely fit the M300’s, but still. Fuck.

Alright, so at this point, I can’t find ear tips that seal right, the ear clips that fit broke, and honestly, if I didn’t know better, by the way the extra tips and junk were in random bags and stuffed into the carrying case, I’d almost think I’d gotten a refurb passed off as a new item!

So at this point, I’m so frustrated, I force myself to try them with the smallest tips and the wrong clips, and the sound just… Isn’t right? Almost muffled, not sure. Tried a bunch of tracks, nothing sounded like I expected it too. And to be clear, I didn’t use my phone. I was running the LX’s out of an Aune X7s fed by a Grace SDAC playing 24/96 FLAC files.

By that point, I’m now Furious. I rip them off my head and drop them onto my couch.

This has been the single worst experience I’ve ever had with such an expensive product. Considering the problem I had with the M300, I’m about to just say fuck it when it comes to IEHs. Which, by the way, I was procuring for use at a job where I need to hear things around me and won’t be bothering anyone with a little sound leak, while also allowing me to wear hats since it’s now winter in the northeast.

Look, I understand that nothing is perfect, and that tomorrow when I’m less pissed, I might be able to enjoy them. But right now? I’m not impressed with the sound for the price, or the quality of all the accessories. The headphones seem decently sturdy, but I can’t give them any credit.

It would be like if I ordered a pair of full size over ears and the pads were made out rose thorns and the headband was broken. Yes, that’s a slightly hyperbolic statement but dammit, I really am pissed. 200 USD + my time and I have to wait to get replacements now. Plus it’s 1 AM EST and no one can possibly do anything about it till the morning.

But dammit, I am just fucking done. I don’t even know it I want another planar headphone, let alone another Audeze or Monoprice…

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