List of Things I Want in Life Right Now (That aren’t Materialistic)

Here’s a list of vaguely ephemeral things I’d like in my life right this second.

1) Skill based matchmaking and a ranking system in Destiny PvP
2) Some way to calm down quickly after getting roflstomped in said unranked PvP
3) An FPSRPG that is better than Destiny
4) This Semester to be finished.
5) Me to pass this semester.

I’m ded fuccin’ sryus!

But actually, I am.

Vape Hardware Review: Project Sub-Ohm SauceCode

This tank… Well, it’s a sub-ohm, top filling tank that utilizes Atlantis-Style coil heads.

That means any coil heads that work in the Atlantis, will work with this one too! Including E-Leaf Melo Coils, Tobeco SuperTank coils, and Sense Herakles coils.

That’s all well and good, and the juice flow control works I guess, but there are some pretty serious drawbacks… Read on to find out. Continue reading

SnowWolf 200w w/ Titanium Coils: Confirmed to Work

I had found little info via a google search on this and I was very curious.

Today, I decided to test out my new Titanium wire. I wanted to see if the SnowWolf’s TC would still work. It turned out that it worked wonderfully.

I did a dual coil build on the Cloud Chaser Inc.’s new Dual Post Archon Base. I popped it on the SW, and turned the temp about half of what I vape at with nickel. Seems to be a nice smooth vape.

Twisted 26 Guage Ti wire. Dual Coils, reading at .10 ohms. Temp Control works. Loving it.

Remember to clean your wire before you put it in your build though, I forgot and was tasting gross-hand flavor my first several pulls…

Am I a nice guy? No, but I have a sweet Fedora (Linux)!

That’s right, I’ve installed another OS on my humble and mildly broken laptop. Fedora Linux 22.

Update: Switched to a USB 3.0 32GB drive. Works so much better.
Continue reading

Built my First Clapton Coil

Today, I did some vape sh*t…

Lord I’m bad… Continue reading

Linux and my Personal Paradigm Shift

After roughly 2 days of Googling, burning, writing, formatting, downloading, installing, and generally fighting for every byte of hard won space, I have a fully functional full-install of Linux Mint 17.1 MATE running off a 64 GB Mushkin Nano USB drive. Continue reading