NovelKeys is run by a redditor on the /r/MechanicalKeyboards subreddit by the name of /u/mgsickler. Short Version: They’ve earned my trust and my business.

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I ordered from not really sure what to expect. I’d never heard of it, and google informed me it had been setup/modified recently… But, I couldn’t deny that they had the hookups.

NovelKeys sells, in packs of 70, 90, or 110, various Kailh/Kaihua and Outemu switches. This is a boon. Input.Club tends to really like Kaihua as a manufacturer for whatever reason, they say Tolerances are as tight, if not tighter than Cherry’s.

Whatever, I wanted to test out some new switches in my new hot-swappable keyboards. So I ordered a pack of Kaihl Copper (Speed switch/Tactile), and a pack of Outemu Purples (Tactile). I selected Priority shipping, and within a week, they were in my mailbox. I was sent a total of FOUR (4) e-mails updating me as my  order was received, charged, shipped, and completed.

From a small company, this is a bit shocking, but very much welcome. /u/mgsickler really seems to value mechanical switches, and his business. Next time you need some switches for a custom build or to change up the switches in your hot-swappable keyboard, definitely patronize this person’s shop and website.

As far as I’m concerned, next time I or anyone I know need switches, I’m sending them to

*DISCLAIMER* I am not affiliated with in any way shape or form, and aside from reading a few posts on reddit, I have no prior history with the proprietor and have not been paid for any of the above. I am simply a very happy customer trying to spread the word.

Thank you for reading.

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