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Killer Queen/Getting Stronger and Getting Over It

There are way too many women in my life, some of whom want me, but I don’t want them, others who I’m not sure about, some who I wanted to be with, but then THEY left ME and got pissed when I wouldn’t talk to them, total bitches, and some who I just don’t know about…

I guess the point is, I can’t have any of them and I have to accept that and move on with my life.

Recently, there was a video of me posted on YouTube and it was up there for a good 2 months before a friend of mine clued me in by accident. I’m pissed that NO ONE that knew told me…

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Getting Stronger and Getting over it, two things that come in pairs, both are hard to do, and require something to be lost, or some kind of pain to be incurred. I’m trying to get over this betrayal… I am, slowly, but I am. I’m also getting stronger daily.

So, I guess it’s time, Sophomore Year is drawing to a close, a lot of shit has happened… I’m ready to move on. I’m sick of this bull… It’s time to leave the past behind me, and get back to work. It’s time to grit my teeth and bare through whatever trials and or tribulations (and I use both terms loosly) life throws at me next.

“Accept Things you can’t change and move on, never frown because you never know who’s falling in love (again. loosely) with your smile”

“The Abscence of Evidence, is not the evidance of abscence”

Just one smart move, can change the world, just one smart thought, can change yourself, for better or for worse.


Today, The Madza3!

Basically, This is the car that I’m pining for, because, it’s nippy and recently recieved acolades in Car and Driver Magazine for being a general cut above the rest of the “Power Toys” (as if I needed anymore motivation to buy it)

The Mazda3 Hatchback looks pretty nice for a five door, and from what I hear, a pretty nice ride. Although road noise is pronounced. (according to Consumer Reports)