Monthly Archives: March 2007

Lock and Load!

Woah… Anyone notice my last post was a bit…Depressing? Yeah, I did too, Don’t worry, most of that’s been worked out, and without video games, my grades have all increased, except for math, which is still below the passing line…

Yes, My video games, are gone. I lost them for poor performance in school. I had just gotten Call of Duty 2 too. Oh well, I’m about 3 missions into the Veteran Campaign. Veteran is tough, like 43-times-on-the-same-30-second-run-tough.

Crackdown, I finally got 4 star ratings in everything! But, I still gotta max them all out. The Colby Master, and He-99 Firefly are my Favorite weapons. I also snagged the Trifecta achievement.

GymGirl540 is totally addicted to Halo 2! Completely. I couldn’t believe it, from no where, “Can I play Halo 2?” and like over night BAM! She’s Halo addicted. Crazy-ass chicks. Whatcha gunna do right?

I’ve been going GREAT GUNS ever since I lost my games. School is all thats left, and well, I hate school, but I miss my games more! From 17 to 74 in Global in a week! I can do well if I want to.

I’ve been thinking an awful lot about english… Oddly it has also tied in with the Acceleron teaching that “Wisdom is a Circle, What you recieve, you must put back.”

Well, Thats my Nonsensical rant for this brief time back! I’ll catch y’all later