Monthly Archives: December 2006


I finially did it. I made it to 16 Complete trips around the sun.

Today was amazing. I went down to the NYS DMV. After 3 days of listening to their audio manual, passed my test and payed a grand total of $75.00 to the DMV.

First they made me go get my Social Security card, which we had to dig the Safety Deposit Box key out of an old pocket book, then we ran back, and just barely made it.

There was a $10.00 Application Fee, a $25.00 somthing or other and a, yes…you are reading correctly, $40.00 Picture. They charged me, not my mother, me, to take a picture of me…I was like, you have got to be kidding me. I did pass however, and got the darn thing so it’s all good.

Cracker Barrel, food, candy, and christmas gifts…I even got one of my best friends something I hope she’ll really enjoy and a cute accessory… Anyway, it was a fun day, snagged my Sister a Faceplate so she would have something to put on her 360 come the 25th.

And cracked open my brand new HDTV! 19″ of HD Glory for my 360’s new VGA Cables. It looks amazing. It’s like a new world. Unfortunatly, only 480p for DVD Playback…But up to 1080i for gaming!

I have to say, it was a good day, well aside from getting sick from a flu-shot yesterday… Anyway, lates all. GEARS OF WAR PWNS!