On Destiny and Shotguns

Fuck ’em?

Okay, okay. I’ll get serious…

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not even close to a great player, or even a good player. I mean, really. Look for yourself  But, I enjoy me some crucible occasionally.

Now, to get it out of the way, I main a Striker Titan and I alternate between Shoulder Charge and Unstoppable. Why? Because if SC isn’t effective against the lobby, I’ll go Max Armor, and it doesn’t help all the time, but it helps enough for me to use it. My loadout is general a Mid Impact/RoF Pulse, Plan C, and a LMG. I find this loadout works best for me. My armor usually switches between Peregrine Greaves/Stand Asides and Twilight Garrison or no Exotic Armor for Crucible. Again, fits the way I play.

I generally don’t win my Rumble Games and this post isn’t about being a troll or getting trolled, hopefully. But I hate Shotguns.

They can still kill quickly from silly ranges for a CQB weapon and I have no idea where everyone is getting these Rangefinder Party Crasher’s but good lord, I am so sick of shotguns. I used them when I was less skilled and quickly got fed up or felt like a dickhead. Now, that’s why I tend to shy away from them at this point. It is my own personal issue with them. They exist in the game, you’re allowed to use whatever you want.

I, personally, am just done with them. Universal Remote seems to have been buffed, range-wise as well. So, I’ve seen a lot more of that than I ever wanted to recently, because it uses Primary Ammo. It’s essentially a shotgun with Unlimited Ammo.

Granted, it used to be a joy for me to head into crucible and play shotty/snipers, I always used them like most would in the game type in Halo: Snipe, and when someone gets close, shotgun/melee for the kill. Haven’t used that in Y2 of Destiny, mainly because my playtimes have been dwindling due to life, but also because it feels cheap.

When you have a weapon type that’s so prominent in PvP that the Majority of the community is using it almost exclusively, that’s an issue. I don’t know if it’s a balance issue, or a map design issue, or some combination, but it’s so frustrating to go into a game and immediately get blink/thunderstuck/juggernaut-shotgunned. Again. And again. And again.

I use Plan C to attempt to counteract that. I prefer Pulses ever since the most recent Pulse Nerf as they felt like they were in a good place. I actually dislike the Grasp of Malok arch’ and the High Impact/Low RoF arch’ isn’t as viable as it used to be. Having a Med-Long Range weapon as a Primary, leads me to a Short-Mid Range Secondary, and while shotguns would fit the bill perfectly, I prefer Fusions firstly, and lacking one, a sidearm is my preference.

I’m not a sniper, call it what you will, I call it lack of skill and/or practice, but I’ve never been a huge fan of them. When I’m killed by a Fusion or Side Arm, I’m never salty, I’m usually impressed someone took the route less traveled.

Personally, it seems like fusions have more utility than shotguns over a longer range, and the surprise factor is always fun, from my PoV anyway.

The meta is shotguns, I get that. I know it’s nigh impossible to rebalance the game perfectly, every single patch, I know there’s an insane amount of math that goes into a game this large, and I know that someone will always find a way to cheese every system. I’ve made peace with all that.

Shotguns will forever make me salty in Destiny though.

*Disclaimer:* The views expressed above are my own, salt-and-tear-soaked musings. Whether they stem from lack of skill, lack of situational awareness, lack of mobility, or any other area I’m deficient in, they are my own views.

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