Monthly Archives: May 2008

Bloging… Blogging… Bloggging…

And we’re back!?

Yeah, I know I haven’t typed anything here in a long time. Just as a point of Note. I now accept requests for help on Oblivion. As well as a bunch of the other RPGs. My sister GymGirl540 is an RPG fiend, and she knows what she’s doing, but she doesn’t blog. So if anyone needs help ask me, and I’ll get her to give you the inside dirt.

Also, I’m back online with a new Xbox 360 Arcade. Halo 2 hasn’t lost it’s luster yet. SWAT on Turf and Desolation is still a lot of fun. Halo 3 is fun. Especially the call back to Lockout with Blackout.  I’m happy some of the older maps are making a comeback. No matter what anyone says, COAGULATION is probably one of the Best Halo Maps ever. Another awesome one is ASSENTION, and BURIAL MOUNDS. I really hope they come back. Although of the newer maps… STANDOFF, VALHALLAH, SNOWBOUND, BLACKOUT, and HIGH GROUND are all very fun to play. Of course no list of the best would be complete without ZANZIBAR.

Thats about it. Peace for now.