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Played my first game of Warhammer 40k Today…

So, I’ve been collecting Dark Angels for a fair bit now… A couple months. Since Dark Vengeance launched I guess. I have painted a 1500 point force and a friend from work happened to have a few armies, that he said he’d be happy to teach me how to play with.

Well I went to my local hobby center, of course no one besides me and him were there. Decent sized table. OpFor is Grey Knights.

My force:
Company Master with a Monster Slayer of Caliban and Artificer Armor
Mastery Level 2 Libararian with Foe Smiter and Meltabombs
2 Tactical Squads, with Vet Sergeants.
|_Squad 1 – Vet with Chainsword & Plasma Pistol, 7 Bolters, 1 Plasma Rifle, and 1 Plasma Cannon
|_ Squad 2 – Vet with Power Mace & bolt pistol, 7 Bolters, 1 Meltagun, 1 Missle Launcher
Deathwing Terminator Sqaud (Power Sword & Storm Bolter, SB&PF, SB&PF, SB&CF, AC&PF)
Ravenwing Attack Squad with Vet Sergeant w/ Chainsword, 1 biker with Plasma Rifle, 1 with Bolt Pistol
Ravenwing Support sqaudron (1 speeder) with Assault Cannon and Heavy Bolter
Rhino with Storm Bolter and HK Missle
Dreadnought with Missle Launcher and LasCannon.

OpFor – Grey Knights
1 Dreadnight with Nemesis Forceweapon
2 Sqauds of Justicars(?)
1 Squad of Paladins
1 Grand master
1 Champion
1 Vindicare Assassian

Short story is he blew up most of my bikes… Then Psy-Quaked me which broke my teleport homers. He worked the Dreadknight into close combat before I could kill it… Then occupied a shitload of my units for the whole game.

His sword was instant death and murdered my master, librarian, and their command squad, as well as most of my termies… Couldn’t punch through the armor. Plus 4 wounds. Come on…

I had to leave before the conclusion of the game, but I was able to kill his vindicare assassin (after he shrugged off 2 lascannon shots…) with my dread. Also used the speeder to whittle down his Justicars…

The dice did not roll well and I lost every unit using plasma to his own gun… Was quite pathetic. I rolled a lot of ones…

All in all, even though I lost, I learned more about movement, and how the actual game is played. It got me to think, and I can’t wait to play again, even though I’ll probably get roflstomped.