Monthly Archives: June 2006

Fighter’s Guild! (Joining info and First Mission)

OK…Now I’m pissed.

Crap…I freakin hate WordPress right now. I didn't realize you had to SAVE entires before you publish them. This post was supposed to be some awesome Oblivion tips and now…They were regretably lost. Now, I'm just kinda pissed. I will repost them eventually and this time…I'll be Damned if I screw it up.

I am OoC for about a Week!

This is me, I'm just saying that I am grounded for about a week, So yeah…I'm am out of comission for that much time. Sorry to everyone who is affected by this, although this should be almost no one.

I'll be there for the RT of 360 Talk!

See you all as soon as I can