Where are the HGAD Kits?

This will be a post about Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Model Kits) so if you’re not into that, well you’ve been warned.

Today, I’d like to talked about all the lovely HGUC kits and their offspring.

High Grade Universal Century or HGUC is the Gunpla line wherein HG kits from their respective series are re-released with updated engineering, better plastics, more range of motion, more poly-capped joints, and better gimmicks.

HGUC has a couple of offspring lines that are included in the HGUC line, these are:

HGAC (High Grade After Colony) for Gundam Wing kits,
HGCE (High Grade Cosmic Era) for Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny kits,
HGCC (High Grade Correct Century) for Turn A Gundam kits,
HGAG (High Grade Advanced Generation) for Gundam AGE kits, although, I’m not sure if they’re just the kits from the HG line for Gundam Age as the manufacturing tech was already pretty good.

The HG00 (for MS Gundam 00, read as “Double Oh”) is one of the only lines that has not been updated as of yet. While this line did feature Poly-capped joints and pretty good sculpts and range of motion, they also mostly featured single jointed arms and their gimmicks were somewhat lack-luster. There were some standout kits, such as the HG00 Arios Gundam, which featured a unique double jointed arm, unique connections points for the shoulders, plenty of polycaps, good range of motion and all the gimmicks the suit should have.

But many suits, like the HG00 Gundam Exia were pretty meh, and this shows through in some of it’s derivatives, such as the HGBF Amazing Exia.

Since Gundam 00 is set in a hypothetical future timeline to our own, it uses the A.D. designation and the Gregorian calendar to track time. It’s set some 400+ years in the future and uses some advanced solar technology to power most of the tech, as well as some advanced (even for that age) “solar furnace” technology to power the Gundams, and later mobile suits.

Since there have been HG kits released since then based off the 00 formula, but with standard engineering such as the HGBF Transient Gundam (unknown base) and the HGBF Gundam Portent (based off the Sakibure from the Gundam 00 OVA/Movie), I’m somewhat surprised we haven’t seen the advent of an HGAD (Anno Domini) line of re-engineered kits.

The G-Portent and Transient Gundam are great kits, with amazing articulation as well as being quite anime accurate with most gimmicks intact. I don’t know about everyone else, but I loved Gundam 00, and I’d love to see some updated HG kits to customize, etc. I really like to play with a lot of my kits still. Hell, my favorite kit to date is the first one I ever fully painted, my HGAC Wing Gundam, because it was about a perfect a high grade as I’ve ever experienced, and this from someone who built the 90’s HG and MG kits.

That’s my rant/info dump for today. Really, a simple question of why haven’t we seen one yet, because the tech is there, and because of all the love Bandai has been showing 00 kits in the RG line, I’m surprised it hasn’t trickled down yet.

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