How To Close The First Oblivion Gate!

This post will be a quick tip for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion by Bethesda for the Xbox 360 and PC.

This is a semi-detalied walkthrough of the First Oblivion Gate as the story line progresses after you get out of the Sewers.

You can swim across the lake if you are Argonian or if you find the shortest distance, Or you can take the bridge… After a long trek you come to Wayon Priory, where you have come to see Jaufree about the King's lost heir and Son. He tells you he is working as a priest in the Temple of Akatosh or something. So you set out to find him, after more treking, you see an Oblivion Gate

Oblivion Gates are Gates to the Plane of Oblivion! Terrible Cretures walk these lands and if you enter one, be prepared to stay in there and fight for the long haul! Planes of Oblivion are enormous with no clear pathes and you should be wary of every plant and flower. Some of the plants will rise up and attack you while some flowers spit out a deadly poison that will lower your resistances for 30 seconds…

As you enter the temple you see two soldiers and a Bunch of Civilians. Ignore most of them and find Brother Martin, he is the King's Lost Son and Heir! He will tell you he will not leave untill the few that he saved are safe. So assuming you avoided the Oblivion Gate earlier, you have no choice but to enter it now to close it!

As you enter you see many Deadra pouring out of the gate. You try to attack but you get hit pretty fast and at Level One or Two you will be killed quickly!

You enter the gate and see chared boddies everywhere and as you move farther in a War Gate inside the Plane of Oblivion! You move and Activate it but it says it is Opened Elsewhere insead of thinking you should waste time trying to close or open it, look to your left and see one lone warrior fighting! After you help him with some Deadra he tells you his story of how his captain is trapped and he needs your help! He says he is going to get out, you can tell hime to leave or stay…

If you are of a lower level than 2 it is wise to have him help. He serves another purpose, when he dies, you can steal/loot all his Armor and Weapons. This is strongly recommended if your character is below level 2. He is a good allay and will fight till he is dead!

Once you have your new allay in tow, or you have sent him to safety, find the large tower and enter the Blood Feast, Kill an Deadra in the room and then find a door. After you go up one level and kill a warrior in starnge armor, you can move up, Kill more Deadra and enter the Plane of Oblivion again except this time on a bridge over to another tower. kill everyone you can find and check everything!

Find the Cage with the Soldier's Captain.Talk to him, NOTE: You must kill the Gate Keeper to live long enough to get to the cage. He tells you to get the Sigil Key from the Gate Keeper's body. After you leve use the Sigil Key to open the door higher in to the main tower and keep ascending untill you hit the Sigil Stone! After you pry it loose, the Oblivion Gate collaspes and you are returned right outside the gate!

Hope this helps someone. It took me forever without a giude of anykind, the least I can do is make someone else's game eaiser and I hope at least someone can take something out of this!

12 responses to “How To Close The First Oblivion Gate!

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  2. um…who are you? and thanks for the site comment.

  3. Great Guide! Super helpful I really appreciate the time you took to write it up, made my life in oblivion alot easier.

  4. Hey. Gald it heled. I’ll probably post more tips for his and other games later.

  5. Nice hints, but the only thing I see when I walk through the gate is the door to Kvatch. When I go through that, I am attacked by some scamps and one daedra. I do not see a warrior…no tower…just the chapel. What am I missing?

  6. cici … U have to click on the “Oblivion Gate” to enter. Nothing will happend if you just go through the gate. hehe…

    My problem is I tried twice to close the First Oblivion gate but when I click on the Sigil Stone everything goes white and I can’t see anything. And gate is still up? How come? I tried to return to the tower after a couple of lvls but when I enter the room with the stone it’s comlete whitness :/

  7. That might be a glitch. I’m not sure. That never happened to me?

  8. wow thats super sad if you cant figure that out. Pwn ya later n00Bs.

  9. what was that guys problem?

  10. cheers man, i didnt know i had2 keep goin up (i couldnt find a way up :S, i thought i came to a dead end) but ill keep trying to find a way. least i know not to leave the main tower lol


  11. thanks bro i thought that at the door u need a key for i was gonna have to find the skeleton key hehehehehhehe

  12. Rereading all this work, I realize how young I was when I wrote it…

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