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New Computer Impossible

Yeah, Uh, a Gaming Computer, which is what I need for what I want to do… Is set at an insane price…

Like 3,400 dollars, roughly.

So, an XPS M1710 which has EXACTLY what I want… Isn’t going to happen. I’m a little ticked, but what can I do? I mean seriously, 3,400 dollars!?

Thats a bit insane…

New Computer…is the only option for a Gaming Laptop…straight from Dell… Crap-sapckle

Calling Dell

Dell says in their Catalogs, that all their inspiron computers are ugradable, so I’m calling them to Upgrade my Processor and Video Card, truth in Advertising. I also recieved My Studio 11 Upgrades, which of course also require on the back of the box, a new processor and stronger video card to work with Vista.

This is such a f***in’ hassle. Also, I’ve been virtually led on by a girl I like… Oh well…

I’m getting the upgrade because I don’t WANT a new Computer and I deserve to NOT have to buy one to do what I want, there’s no way Dell’s stupid enough to not make their Inspirons upgradable, even if it’s recent, I only bought my Computer 2 years ago, so even if they send me the stuff I should still be able to upgrade because it isn’t that old…

This seriously is such a hassle, but I’m sure it’ll be more than worth it once I upgrade. There must be a way. I REFUSE to buy a new computer. JUST for the GAME & Video Editing… Please…

New Computer?!

I talked to the Geek Squad at Best Buy, and they told me that processors run upwards of 1200 dollars. Also, by Video Card couldn’t be upgraded without a bunch of other stuff being disrupted, I’m so pissed, I need this to work, I can’t return ShadowRun now, and it won’t run on my Computer… Also, now my Wireless Mike won’t work anymore… GodDammit


Got Vista, it’s shiney… However, NOW I need a New Processor (Dual Core) to do anything interesting, and also a new video card to play ShadowRun for the PC dammit all…

Finially Ready for Vista

Well, after weeks of Defragmentation, deleting every fun thing on my HDD and blowing up every unused file in my computer. The Inspiron 6000 is finially ready for Vista.

Windows Vista Home Primium.

Also, we’re going to see if I can snag ShadowRun for GamesForWindows, meaning now I can play on either one, anywhere, anytime. Practice anytime and anywhere. Just for fun. Plus I can snag Halo 2 PC sometime and snag some of the achievements I’ve been conditioned to get in the Halo Carreer.

I can’t wait. One more day. Vista is mine, and the ShadowRun is mine. Awesome. Also, Vista means I’m back on the podcasting horse.

New Header! w00tness

Today, Is a pretty big day.

1) I got my computer back, from being taken for the last few days of school.

2) I struck a deal with my mother so I could get Vista and ShadowRun for Vista.

3) It’s two days away from summer vacation (Not including regents week)

4) It means I’m back in Action For Danny Phantom Reborn! OH YEAH, to everyone who cares.

Speaking of Danny Phantom Reborn… I’m gunna need some help. Here’s the deal. Anyone who can help should e-mail me at

I need a few things not having access to the knowledge or technology to do any of it myself. I would like a new emblem, because our old one, stating the hosts we had at that time, says only one of our current hosts. Me. Mabaroushiwou deserves her name on the Show, she’s done so much for us. The other thing that would be sweet to get is a Blogger, Layout, that a little less BLAND than the one we actually have. Also, if anyone has Phan-Phics or other contributions to the show, depending on how big, you will get honorable mention on the show. Who knows, I may even get you on the show for everyone to hear, and you might get a public thank you from the hosts of the show.

But, the main headline on today’s post is that I have a new Header, orginanlly made by GLewis. It’s been cut, and now it fits great, even if it looks a bit odd with the break in the middle.

For today’s Compter Tag, I’m either going to be deleting a lot of s*** off my computer, or I’m going to be upgrading my Hard Drive, because the one I have is way too small for Vista. I’m trying to get Windows Vista Home Primium because it has exactly what I want. My computer is a little dated (An Inspiron 6000), however it does have a 2 GB ram upgrade. I need to free up some space in a hurry, mostly because after the Vista upgrade, I’m snagging ShadowRun for the PC so I can link my GamerTag and Play on both systems. They expect everyone else to buy a new machine, but I’m gunna have to do some upgrading or something… Man, I hate the speed of technological advancements…

Anyway, coming soon, more gaming and computer related stuff. Peace out until later days 

It’s Wierd

I just had a deep chat with my past love, or at least, thats the closest I’ve ever felt, and it seemed like when I started reminding her of those feelings, that I thought she had for me, she got uncomfortable and more or less ran off… I don’t know. It’s up to her, I still care about her a lot.