Monthly Archives: May 2009

Smashing my fists to pulp

When I look up at the sky, I wish I was looking at you.
I reach for the stars, and I remember I love you more.
I breath in, and I want you here.
I breath out, and I realize you aren’t.

I turn away from the light and cry.
As the tears stream down my face,
I realize how I feel…

As my hands ball into fists,
I can barely contain
the rage,
the hatred,
the pain.

I turn towards the tree, and punch with all my might.
I scream and cry as I smash my fists,
but I know, it’s a fruitless attempt,
because when I’m done, and my hands are bloody,
when I fall down, exausted
when I look up at the stars as the world fades to black…

You’re not there…

As the last tear rolls down my cheek before I pass-out
I wish that I could go back, and I know, that can’t be so…
I’m sorry… I’m sorry I’m… So weak…