Monthly Archives: January 2007

Drive the Car!

I hear the tires screech
I hear thunder roar
The Engine Hits 8,000
The Car lurches forward
2 Tons of Metal moving…

The engine whines as I hit 80
The tires screech louder, the turn appears
E-Brake gets ripped
Wheel Turns
The car slides in…
And then out…

The Subs are Pumping but I barely notice,
as the 445 horses do their job
The Charger’s lights blare
the wheels spin
and the car spins out

Off the road, a dead stop,
all brakes slammed on
I open my eyes
The car’s in one piece
I exhale

Shift into reverse
The car luches backwards
Rip the E-Brake,

The car spins around, and I’m back on track
The Mustang ahead drifts through the next turn
I hit the next turn at 58

The car slides in
I see the Mustang stop
I see the reverse turn
The subs pump with my heart
I spin the wheel and re-rip the ‘Brake

The car spins back,
past the norm
Into an inverse drift
The car goes through smoothly
The turn and the ‘Stang behind me
I move to the finish to collect my prize

The Viper Roars to life
I step on the gas
I look behind me
Steve’s got the Charger
We head back to the garage
Lock up the Viper
Head home with the Charger and Lancer

The Viper…It’s mine, and now…It’s Time To Drive


Why do we feel what we can’t control? Why do we feel things that hurt in the end.

Why do I like a girl I have no chance with. I fight on, it seems for no reason. There are so many things that are fucked up… One of them is my relation ships with people I want to be more than “just” friends with. It seems something f***s up. Wheather it’s me, or some extenuating circumstance, It’s always something.

And yet…I keep trying and why? I feel like I should just quit! Just give up… Make a play for the ass-angle instead of the friggin’ Nice Guy…As always, it seems, Nice Guys…Really Do Finish Last…

I might be being punished for my former relationship of the last girl I went out with. I’m sorry, I said I was, she gives me so much crap because I broke up with her… She’s even called me a whore.

Well, I don’t know…I just can’t think. I guess, I’m just gunna keep fighting… If I get anywhere, then I at least got somwhere…

Life kinda sucks.

The Silent Tear

(C) Taylor Drake 2006

Silent Tears are shed
For Loves who are lost to friends
Hopeless, We Fight on!

A Haiku that chronicles how I felt when I urged a friend I liked, to go after a friend who not only she liked, but liked her back.

“Bros Before Hoes” – Sniper Evo86 to Me. He likes her, and although I like her, I have no chance… Hopeless, We Fight on!

For Ashley: What is Music: Part I

Have you ever sat down in your car, or in the kitchen,¬†and instinctivly turned on the radio? You know why? You are a music lover. Music is much more than just a sound, it’s a living thing… What is music to you?

Music is something that can control your very emotions, how many times have you listened to a song on the radio, or heard a song in a movie, and bought the song, or downloaded the song for yourself? Music can make us feel any number of emotions, from Annoyed, to Mad, to Recessed, to Happy. If someone asked you what music was, do you think you could answer? I could, but only after some serious thought. Here are a few of my views on Music.

Music, It has feeling. Music, some say, is alive. Music changes, and almost always manages to end on a good note. (Pardon the pun) Music is like a good friend, it can make you feel trashed, pissed, or just plain crazy. Some people even do drugs to music, because it provokes their mind when they’re already in a “High” state. A well known song, that almost everyone likes that I know of, is For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) by AC/DC, That song, is very atheryial, and makes you feel tougher when you listen to it. It makes you feel indomidtable. Usually, AFI’s (A Fire Inside) songs make you feel, a little down, maybe a little mad at the world. Music can rend your soul in twain, like Concrete Angles, by Martina McBride, I belive, is a song that can make you feel a broad range of emotion.

For some, music is a savior, from bordom, from daily life, from sadness. Music can be an escape, from the sadness people face everyday. Have you ever been walking in the hall, and just wanted to listen to anything, and then later, you’ll know the exact song you want. Thats another way music affects us each and everyday. Music can be an addiction to some, because it offers an outlet for pent up hostility, sadness, or any range of other emotions. A song that a lot of people know of that is very calming is called Bittersweet Symphony, by The Verve. The song is very calming as is it very slow paced and yet somehow full of energy. It’s a forumla that helps with being hyper, in a way it’s almost a buzz-kill, but thats what I’m talking about. Music affects us in a multitude of ways and can be many things to many people, in short, you have to respect it, if someone doesn’t have one particular song on their MP3 player. Always enjoy your music, and don’t be ashamed of it. It’s something different for everyone!