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For the future… 

I guess this really will just be a note to myself, for future plans, just to keep it written somewhere easily accessible and at the forefront of my brain… 

Future Plans for my 240SX-to-be

S14 shell, doesn’t matter the year but prefer Zenki and 1995 if possible. Must be rust free. 

SUSPENSION: Clean/powder coat old 240SX suspension components. Check for damage/durability issues. Replace bushings if necessary. Change/grease bearings on all fully-adjustable suspension components. Have coilovers rebuilt and/or purchase newest iteration. 

Possible Companies to Consider:

  • Fortune Auto
  • Bilstein
  • Ohlines
  • KW
  • MCA Suspension
  • Nismo

Look for bespoke systems, potentially air-ride/spring combo(?) 

CHASSIS: Double check for rust. Remove/repair any found. Coat internal surfaces with 2-step system: See for internal frame-coating and/or heavy duty anti-rust/encapsulator. Also, consider 2-part catalyzed epoxy primer/sealer for internal and Direct-to-metal exterior coat. 

Look into color selection. Possibilities include:

  • Basic Nissan Super Black in honor of my original 240
  • Nissan Sunburnt Sienna Metallic  (or something like that), OE on Nissan 350Z (2003+)
  • Some shade of green… Duh. 
  • Toyota Dark Forest metallic(?) OE on 2009(?) Corolla. 
  • An electric blue, but not Si/Civic shade. 
  • A Malibu Blue similar to 1994 Mazda Miata M-edition OE color. 

Seam-weld critical areas to increase chassis rigidity without destroying crumple-zones if possible. Similar to Mazda sky-active plan. 

Look into chassis bracing options (Nismo or otherwise) to complement suspension/engine enhancements and provide extra safety and rigidity. Look into a weld in cage with removable door bars/padding for un-helmeted heads. 

ENGINE: Take VQ35DE+R out of G35 plus either 6 speed out of that, or 5 speed out of 300ZX for stout-ness. Install with all emissions equipment into 240 shell. Hopefully, lightweight 240 combined with torquey and lightweight VQ+super charger (325hp at rear wheels as measured on a Dynomite-dyno in the G) will yield a fun, powerful and eminently controllable vehicle. 

Look into:

  • Excessive Manufacturing
  • Raw-brokerage (RB) motoring
  • Enjuku Racing(?) 
  • Sikky Performance (possible bespoke kit/design) 
  • Fueled Racing (as above) 

CONCLUSIONS: Honestly, be aware this isn’t an overnight plan. Come up with a build list, price breakdowns. Document everything. Focus on acquiring rust free chassis and/or clearing storage space to hold/build/maintain project. Also potentially look into garage/workshop rental. Perhaps talk to Sniper Evo86 and/or jakster726 about it. 

Order of Ops:

  1. Research/Price Breakdown
  2. Clear Unit/Acquire other workspace
  3. Acquire shell
  4. Acquire necessary parts for engine swap
  5. Strip shell
  6. Repair/Ready shell/paint/body/etc. 
  7. Repair/maintain/repaint suspension 
  8. Install suspension
  9. Remove VQ
  10. Prep VQ, freshen it, etc. 
  11. Install swap parts. 
  12. Swap engine
  13. Systems test, troubleshooting, etc. 
  14. If all goes well, I’ll have a running/reliable and fun car by this point. – – Take care of it. 

And there we have the plan. Have to start saving to make this a reality.