TWD:ANF – Episode 4. My Experience

HEAVY SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 4 OF THE WALKING DEAD: A NEW FRONTIER AFTER THE JUMP. Also, probably some minor spoilers for Ep 1-3. You’ve been warned.

I’m going to start with the currently playing because this is weighing heavier on my mind.

So, I just finished Ep 4 of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Heavy Spoilers to follow.

I’m pretty… Well, just kinda torn about it? I loved it as I love all TWD games by Telltale. They force you out of your comfort zone and that can be fun. But this season… There’s been no winning. If you side with Clem, shit gets fucked. The final 2 choices for this episode were kinda… shitty.

A No-Win Scenario. Pick 1 of 2 to survive. Game does it what does, and Kills the one you pick because fuck you. Literally. Because. Fuck. You. So, that’s all fine and dandy, but now you’ve fucked yourself because the other faction will remember you did not try to save them. In my case, I looked up spoilers, kinda accidentally, kinda intentionally… The one who lived was the one I wanted to live, but now the people that are alive, are predictably furious with me, because that’s how it’s written. Clem is even like “Dude, WTF were you thinking?”

When an NPC like Clem asks you that, you have to wonder if you actually did fuck up…

So, you know, that feels great. I really feel like I’ve just made all the wrong choices in this game so far. Yeah, I killed Conrad in Ep. 2 because well, I sided with Clem, and thanks Gabe for fucking me over this time… But just, really. I know it’s TWD and I shouldn’t be hoping for a happy ending, because it’s all about the situation forcing people to be pricks in every possible situation, even when you’re just legitimately trying to NOT be a prick… Woohoo. But jeesus, after Season 2’s ending, I was pretty fucked up, but I felt like I did the best I could…

This season, I just feel like I fucked up. Everything. I feel like… Well, like Kiritsugu probably felt at the end of Fate/Zero. I tried to save everyone, and I couldn’t save anyone… I mean, I’m trying to keep Clem safe, but it’s so hard to balance external feelings of “Get Clem” (lol Warframe reference) and “But, I’m Javi and I need to keep the people counting on Javi alive…” The icing on that suck salad was Tripp and Eleneor (sp?) being pissed I shot Conrad, but also, like… I find myself thinking David is a halfway decent guy, and like… He’s such a loose cannon, and I love Ava, and Clem obviously does too, and the games makes a point of Clem… Or at least one important NPC being non-judgemental of your choices…

But, my body count is piling up… Conrad, that Ass-hat from the NF, Joan, though, I’m kinda okay with that, she was a bitch and a half… And that’s really only directly memorable characters… Like, indirectly? Mari, probably Kate, Tripp, the various people who have been left to die, or died shielding me from bullets… Like… I just feel like there’s a better way, but I also wanna see what the decisions I’ve made will amount to.

I’m just… Not sure I’ll be happy with the outcome, I’m honestly not sure I’m happy with where my choices have currently brought me, and I’m not sure if that’s with this game only, or life in general… This game makes it hard to look at yourself as a good person, even if you are somewhat railroaded by the pre-approved choices and some-what linear nature of this and many other point and click adventure games…

Whatever, maybe I’ll do it over and shoot for a better ending… With Season 1, I must have replayed my games 2-3 times. With Season 2… I just, let it ride… But I felt like I did the best I could given the circumstances…

ANF? Well, let’s say I may play it over just because I want a better playthrough with the choices that, I personally, think are correct… I mean, I think that’s what I did for the most part… But some of my choices, Idk? I think other factors got in the way?

Listen, if you’ve made it this far, I’m sorry. This was more of a personal diary entry than like, a real blog post. I think I only included a jump because I didn’t want people to have to read this far… I kinda hate what I’ve done this season, and I think I’ll have to do it over. Which, I forget sometimes, games allow us to do.

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