Decklist – Invoked Six Samurai v1

Super rough draft of a Six Samurai build using the Invoked/Eidolan engine. Rate/Fix it.



  • 3x Kagemusha of the Six Samurai
  • 3x Legendary Six Samurai Kizan
  • 2x Legendary Six Samurai Kageki
  • 2x Elder of the Six Samurai
  • 1x The Six Samurai – Zanji
  • 1x Legendary Six Samurai Enishi
  • 1x Spirit of the Six Samurai
  • 1x Aleister the Invoker


  • 3x Six Samurai United
  • 3x Shien’s Smoke Signal
  • 3x Asceticism of the Six Samurai
  • 3x Magical Meltdown
  • 2x Legacy of the Duelist
  • 2x Terraforming
  • 1x Invocation
  • 1x Raigeki
  • 1x Soul Charge
  • 1x Reinforcement of the Army


  • 2x Lost Wind
  • 2x Storming Mirror Force
  • 1x Solemn Strike
  • 1x Solemn Warning

Extra Deck

  • 2x Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En
  • 1x Naturia Beast
  • 1x Naturia Barkion
  • 1x Ally of Justice – Catastor
  • 1x Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
  • 1x Shadow of the Six Samurai – Shien
  • 1x Number 39: Utopia
  • 1x Number S39: Utopia the Lightning
  • 1x Invoked Mechaba
  • 1x Invoked Megallanica
  • 1x Invoked Purgatrio
  • 1x Invoked Cocytus
  • 1x Invoked Raidjin
  • 1x Invoked Caliga


This is a rough, version 1 build of Invoked Six Samurai, combining the Speed and Versatility of the Six Samurai and using the Invoked Engine to dig out of some hard spots and/or ruin the days of some Zoo players with Mechaba. The Fusions are generally pretty big/useful in their own right. The point is to establish board presence while having outs to obnoxious graveyard effects. Mechaba also offers outs to some obnoxious monster/spell/trap effects if you catch them on the activation.

Potential side deck cards are spell/trap destruction rather than negation. Potentially pulling the invoked engine for more traps, swapping out Invoked Extra Deck cards for Rank 3/4 cards with more utility.

This build is ripe for constructive criticism. I’ve tested it a few times online and while this is still a very rough build, it’s relatively consistent but also offers different paths through a game. Six Samurai are very good at adapting to differing situations, but have a problem grinding and often run out of resources halfway through.

This build utilizes Legacy of the Duelist to not only slow the game, but also adds some recursion. Best use is weenie rush + Legacy to clear the backrow.

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