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Spec Dreams…

Haven’t been real active lately…

Quick update: I bought a 95 240 a while back, well I forgot to get a title; thank you Connecticut and your weird registration regulations, so I bought myself a 95 Miata… Well the main wiring harness caught on fire (in a shop) and well, that’s more or less in the process of being rewired (Thank you Planet Miata and Treasure Coast Miata) but yeah, that’s out of commission too.

So, I kinda fell into a new(er) car… I lucked out… I got’s me a 2003 Infiniti G35 Coupe. 6spd ‘natch. Brembos… and a little hidden surprise that I won’t go into here. At least not now. It’s got Navi, Bose, Leather, even Ass-warmers, and as you’d expect of a 10-year old car¬†Nissan Infiniti, everything still works! It’s like a dream come true. It’s reasonably fast and handles well, but it’s my A-B car… More or less anyways. It’s a little¬†too fast for me.

I haven’t really done any competitive or hard driving. All I’ve done is some occasional recreational go-karting… But since I have a Miata sitting in my garage that I no longer have to worry about using as transportation, I was looking into some real racing.

Also, of note, an indoor cart track opened up recently. It’s called FastTrax and they’re pretty srs bsns!

But yeah, real racing… Mazda has really caught my eye of late. The new 6 looks great and my stepdad was considering it, the Speed3 has always been something I’ve been interested in, I have a Miata lying around, and the 2… Well, that 2 is what’s drawing me in.

I’m not sure how many people pay attention to this sort of thing, but since you’re reading my blog, I’ll assume you know Mazda has been pushing for a new racing Spec to be created: B-Spec. Basically, entry level cars from all kinds of manufacturers, Nissan’s Versa, Mazda’s 2, Honda’s Fit, and Mini’s Cooper are some of the potential rides you can bring. Now as we all know, racing is expensive, but Mazda is trying to make it easier for all of us. The cars listed above all clock in below $20k new and the Mazda2 and Versa clock in below $16k! You get these cheap cars, strip the unnecessary bits (carpet, spare tire, etc.), weld in a cage, pop a racing seat in, switch the wheels and tires to something a bit “racier” and hit the track!

It’s more or less showroom stock. Some modifications can be made, but power to weight generally stays around 23-1. But what this translates to, is affordable wheel-to-wheel racing for the masses! A very cool concept!

Now I don’t have money for that!? So what’s a Cursed-driver to do?

Well, option 2: Spec Miata racing.

Spec Miata racing for those that don’t know, has been around for quite a while. Newer cars must actually limit power to keep the older cars competitive. It’s not terribly expensive to get into and a lot of work you can do yourself, like suspension upgrades, engine cleanups and wheels and tires. Of course, my 94 needs a little work (read: rust repair), thank you North East. But that’s okay, I may have to get rid of my 240SXs, but at least I can have the Miata to wrench on and make into a race car. Someday I might like to have it drift too… Mmm, Pipe Dreams…

Anyways, that’s where I’m at.