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A Tribute to Halo 3…

“Wake me when you need me…” – John 117
Not Mine

“We Will Never Forget” – POWMIA

(Geeky, Deal with it. Not disrespectful. He was a character, that gave us hope.)


Go, the game that has entranced players for centuries, has just gained a new follower.

I am not that good at the game. I only have played one game, and I won by resignation because she was tired of playing me. I’m probably like a 50 Kyu, yes I know, there are only 30 kyu ranks.

I’m trying to learn by playing on the Gova english room server, and the Kisedo Go Servers. Usernames: taylor (on Gova), pGett (on Kisedo). Hope to see you online if you play.

Danny Phantom Reborn – Under New Management

Well, It’s official, DPR is now run by Mabaroshiwou, and PandaJenn. I wish them much luck in their future episodes. I know they’ll make the podcast awesome, so START LISTENING!

Kiss = Man Points

There isn’t much, thats manlier than Kiss. So LISTEN TO THEM.

I met some people Playing Go, that had no clue who kiss was, but they knew Red Jumpsuit Apparatus… I was like, you’re kidding.

Detriot Rock City

I also beat the chick…I guess… We played until she got pissed/tired and resigned… I probably couldn’t beat her again, so a rematch would be appropriate

Gears of War (Xbox 360) and Alienware

I don’t play Gears of War all that much anymore for a few reasons.

The guys on the ranked matches are mostly ass-holes, and I never found it fun to die and then be out of the game, or be downed multiple times while your enimies just took points from you.

Gears of War is a fun game, don’t get me wrong. I’m trying to go for the achievements and playing ranked matches where I get my ass handed to me and then taunted about it really kinda sucks. Execution is a fun gametype. As is Warzone. Getting kills takes forever though. I’m probably closest to the “It’s a Massacre” achievement (100 Kills in Ranked multiplayer with the Chainsaw) at 10, in execution, + 6 in warzone, so 16/100… Geezuz.

I haven’t even gotten to play a lot of the new gametypes, or new maps. Raven Down is my least favorite. I got left there with one other guy, who was good, but we spawned in differnt parts of the map, so we just got picked off, excuse me, I got picked off, and then they just ganged up on my teammate, who ends up killing two of them, before he’s wasted. The Gnasher is the WoC (Weapon of Choice) on that map. I like the Lancer better, but people just chase you down and nail you, it’s so retarded. There’s not even any acievement for the shotty, but everyone uses it more than anything else. You just get chased down and wasted before you even get to hit the Chainsaw button. What was supposed to make it easier to kill, only ends up getting you killed. The sound tips anyone off, and all the do is whip out their shotties and shotgun-whip your ass. It’s lame as hell.

The old saying, “don’t hate the player, hate the game!” doesn’t apply here. When guys are too good, and then brag about it, and taunt you, and then leave YOU bad feedback. It’s like, WTF? Especially when they leave complaints, and all you did was apologize and try to be courteous. So I got a couple cheap kills, the game let me, not some retarded mods or whatever! How am I unsporting? That was the bad feedback I got. Coouple that with complaints and you get a BANHAMMER. I don’t need the bad feedback just cuz you don’t like me. Say I lack skill or something else. If you don’t like me, don’t needlessly penalize me.

Alienware. The brand that builds their computers to do anything. I’m trying AGAIN to get the m9750 laptop. I’m going DUAL 8800GTs for GPU. I need the DirectX 10. I’m going with the 2.16 GHz DUAL CORE proccessor, because if you’re under that, you almost can’t play anything. I’m also loading¬†two 160GB 7,200 RPM HDDs. I would use SSD but they’re way too expensive. I’m going to use my Wired 360 Controller and the Chaos Green Alienware prescision gaming mouse. I’m also going 108p WUXGA+ because it’s awesome. I want a computer that isn’t going to be obsolete after 4 seconds. So I’m trying to stick with the most, if not close to most advanced stuff on their market. Obviously it ain’t cheap, so I’ll be loading some school apps on too, and taking that job at BJs to pay it off.

Ok, thats my rant for today. Later peeps.

Where I’ve Been, What I’ve Done

Well, if you guys haven’t noticed, I haven’t been online or in school recently. There’s 2 reasons for this. Here’s where I’ve been, and what I’ve been through over christmas break.

About 3 weeks ago, I had a tingling (like being “asleep”), in my hands and feet, just my hands and feet. As a result, I spent that Saturday in an Albany MED ER, where I was kept waiting for 8 and a half hours. During that time, I had 2 blood tests (3 vials filled between both arms), a X-Ray of my neck, and several Nuerological exams. The final blood test revealed that I had Mononucleosis (Mono). I returned home, and throughout the next week, I got weaker and weaker. I assumed it was due to the mono, never could I have guessed it was something far more pressing…

Thursday night, almost a week after my last hospital visit, my mother was on Channel 10 briefly and I took a fall. My right knee buckled and I fell down with water in my hands. By the next morning I couldn’t walk or sit up from the couch. Minimal arm, and leg strength. I returned to the hospital that friday. I was again in the ER, one rooom away from where I was. I was kept there for a while, while they pondered what I had, they took more blood, and then told me I was getting a Spinal Tap, or Lumbar Puncture. “A simple procedure, really.” The “Resident” stated, “We simply take a ‘small’ needle and take a ‘small’ amount of spinal fluid for research,”¬† or so he said.

The biggest needle I have ever seen, was forced into my back 5 – 6 times, with 6 – 7 smaller pokes of a generic, inneffective form of novacane. I was litereally crying when the resident said “We need to finish this up quick before doctor so-and-so gets here, or he’ll make me flip the kid around, because I’m not on my dominant hand.” The pain continued, they flipped me around, and continued to “fish” for the “interspace” or where they took the fluid from. They told me I would probably feel some pain in my legs and to tell them so. Near the end of it, I felt an intense stabbing pain, not in my legs, but my nuts. They knicked the nerve into my scrotum, which hurt like hell before they finished.

When it was done, they moved me into a pediatric intensive care unit, and started my on a run of IVIG (IV – Imuno-Globulin) because the Spinal Tap concluded that I had Gillian Berrett. An auto-immune virus which attacks the mylin sheath between nerves, which stops the data your head sends to your muscles. I basically couldn’t move because my body was attacking my nerves.

Thats the end of part one. Come back later if you have the stomach for it.