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Typing a Paper – Fin

I fuckin’ did it.
 really did it, yeah!
I really did it.

Current Status: Fin
Time Spent so Far: Too Much ~ 12 Hours
Outlook: No-Longer-Have-a-Brain™

Typing a Paper – 4

Still got’s me some ADHD. It’s about 4:20 AM. I am very tired. But I’ve made some progress. I’m sure hoping I’m ready for prime time.

During my drive, I realized how hard it is to write papers. They’re these monstrous, annoying, spike-encrusted walls that you’re forced to climb slowly to prove you can find the safest way up the wall.

Alternatively, you can attempt to speed run it, and probably poke yourself multiple times, but at least you made it over right?

Except, there’s someone standing on the other side of the wall shaking their head and saying “Well, you could have done better… tsk tsk tsk.

I honestly find nothing in this world as infuriating as research papers. Except bad drivers. But papers are a very close second.

Current Status: 5/10 Pages typed, 13/10 sources skimmed/gathered
Time Spent so Far: 8.5 Hours
Outlook: Only half-way typed?! F&@$

Typing a Paper – 3

Took  an hour long drive. Brain is doing the sleep deprived-thing…

Still 3 pages…

Back to it.

Typing a Paper – 2

Yeah… This isn’t going well…

I think perhaps a break will be helpful to my mental state.

Current Status: 3/10 Pages Types, 9/10 Sources Skimmed
Time Spent so Far: 6.5 Hours
Outlook: Not Great.

Typing a Paper – 1

In case I’ve never mentioned it before, or because I recently found out: I have ADHD. I’m classified as Type – C, but I typically present more inattentive behaviors than hyperactive, but still some both ways.

Anyways, I’m supposed to be typing a 10 Page Research Paper for a Law Class that’s due tomorrow morning.

I am medicated currently, but I find this to be helpful in allowing me to focus my thoughts. I wasn’t really sure where else to put it. Didn’t want to toss it up on reddit’s /r/adhd sub, or put it on Facebook.

It’s really hard to focus on something that I can’t really see the end of yet. Having a clear goal is always good, but as someone with ADHD, I have struggled with doing things that I can’t see the end of for a long time. Papers are just one example. Saving money was always another. I would think to myself, why save if I can buy things I want now? I still struggle with that even though I can pay bills. It’s easy to pay bills because I can see then end. Every billing cycle allows me to put the previous one behind me.

Long Papers (10+ pages) are still an issue. The one I’m supposed to be working on is a minimum of 10 pages, before footnotes. I’ve never typed a law-based paper, so this is super hard because I don’t know how much extra work I’ll have to put in when I’m done with all the bullshit of actually typing it.

Background: I’m a COM Major with a Concentration in Public Relations, Advertising, and Integrated Marketing Communications. Senior year. And no, I haven’t had to type up a Law-Format Research Paper yet.

I’m pretty done with school…

Suppose I’ll update more as the night wears on and my motivation wanes.

Current Status: 1/10 Pages typed, 3/10 sources gathered/skimmed.
Time Spent so far: 3 hours.
Outlook: It’s going to be a long night…