Typing a Paper – 4

Still got’s me some ADHD. It’s about 4:20 AM. I am very tired. But I’ve made some progress. I’m sure hoping I’m ready for prime time.

During my drive, I realized how hard it is to write papers. They’re these monstrous, annoying, spike-encrusted walls that you’re forced to climb slowly to prove you can find the safest way up the wall.

Alternatively, you can attempt to speed run it, and probably poke yourself multiple times, but at least you made it over right?

Except, there’s someone standing on the other side of the wall shaking their head and saying “Well, you could have done better… tsk tsk tsk.

I honestly find nothing in this world as infuriating as research papers. Except bad drivers. But papers are a very close second.

Current Status: 5/10 Pages typed, 13/10 sources skimmed/gathered
Time Spent so Far: 8.5 Hours
Outlook: Only half-way typed?! F&@$

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