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I must say!

For all my belly acheing about missing her… Single life is so much less stressful than a relationship!

No one calling at 10:30 and staying on the phone till they all asleep, no drama, no stressing over money for two people, no driving all over creation for rides, no more “life is like a museum; you can look but you can’t touch”!

I’m saving money, and I’m trying to find a car that will fit. Damn!

I can actually focus on shit! I’m making money at work, I’m working more hours and enjoying my offtime because I’m worrying less without a woman!

I can go after whoever I want… Man, if it wasn’t for the loneliness, and the void created when she left, I think I’d be 150%

I know I’m going to be alright. I made some money today and I’m in a good-ish mood.