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Best Halo Party Ever

Ok, check this action. My buddy, Sniper Evo86, finially came home from college for a little. So, we had a welcome back Halo Party.

I rigged up 3 Xbox 360s, which, as always wasn’t easy, got everyone together around 7, and we fragged till around Midnight.

Among those in attendance were Carcinogen Crush, Evangelion 79, XFierceWarriorX, SNOWM4NN, MimicsShadow, and EpicPwnorz. My good buddy, Mac (Not his real name) was there too, as a courtesy. Eva’s Sister was there as well. As was Fierce’s friend InfernoChakram (Other username substituted instead of his real name), and Carcinogen Crush’s and EpicPwnorz’s friend Jazz (Nickname, don’t ask).

Lots of our all stars were in attendance. We had a lot of good games, and some games that made me want to go emo. But I did get to spend a good amount of time with a aforementioned girl that I have a thing for. So, I wasn’t emo all night. (No Need therefore to play Phantom’s Emo Game). I also can’t complain that almost everyone there chipped in for Pizza (a whopping 2 mediums, 1 stuffed crust large, 10 chicken wings, and 4 liters of soda)! Most of said food disappeared. On top of that still is everyone but Jazz had a ride home more or less. (I owe Sniper a serious Favor for the ride he provided to two of the aforementioned females).

Let’s also add to the bill that everyone helped clean up! (There’s a first time for everything! ^.^; )

Anyway, For those awesome reasons, It was a great night. I hope to remember it for some time. Welcome back Sniper, and thanks for coming everyone else. I hope you had fun.

There was another waste of blog space finished.


Site Upgrades, and a Tips Hotline Coming Soon

If you guys want some tips for your favorite games, I’ll search for them. I just need to know what you like to play. Or What you need help with. In this case, it’ll be Xbox 360 Games only. Leave a comment telling me a game and/or a specific area in the game. And I’ll send you an answer as soon as possible.

Also, there should be a paypal donate button coming soon, If you like my and my sister’s tips. Drop us a dollar or two just to show some appreciation. You know, it’s only if you like the occasional tips you get here.

Leave the comments telling me what you need help with and/or your e-mail and I’ll post the tips up tips up that you ask for. There you go.

Sorry To All My XBL Friends and my 360

Yeah, sorry everyone, I’m offline for another 5 days. I have been Xbox 360 Gorunded due to a Math assignment missed. That won’t happen again, I freakin’ got in my teacher’s face and made sure he checked off my homework today.

My 360 Blog, located HERE, is where my 360 Comments on my successes, deafeats and MIAs. It basically gives anyone who cares a rundown of what happens during it’s timw with me, wheather it’s on or not. It tells me how it’s pissed that I haven’t gamed in a few days and how I’m missing out on achievment points. I can’t be on. The Box is even up off the ground so no one knocks it or anything…I’m bored. I want to play Forza, or Practice Halo or something. I have a tourney, and I do plan to finish Saint’s Row Sometime…

Oh well, as long as I can’t game, I’ll be here. Online. Typing. It’s all good I guess. I told my mother I didn’t have any homework, I didn’t even know I had the homework, almost no one wrote it down and thusly, several people didn’t have the homework. However, since my mother requested a closer eye be kept on my schoolwork, my Mother was notified immediatly of the missed assignment, and I was chewed out as soon as I got home… If anything, I learned that theirs No substitute for hard work, and there are consequences for not doing said work. I just know I have to do it, But I don’t because I hate doing it. I have to grow up and suck it up. I can’t procrastinate and not do the work. It has to be done.

Speaking of Work, I’m supposed to lead a “tour” of Ireland in a couple weeks, so If anyone here would like to contribute something they might KNOW is currently in Ireland, or something that is a must see if you visit. Post it up. It would be greatly appreciated. No, I’m not asking you to do the thing, just something you might be able to contribute, I have to do the work. Thanks in advance for any help, anyone is willing to give.

Thats all I got, Later everyone

1000 Gamerscore

I’ve hit a milestone! 1010 Gamerscore baby!

It was a long road, with 2 times as many games as most! It was insane. With Saint’s Row, Oblivion, and Chrome Hounds as well as Kameo: Elements of Power contributing most of the gamerscore. I also give credit to UNO, and Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.

I also have a 100 GS thanks to MimicsShadow’s DEAD RISING! He helped a lot, and each 20 point fluff as well as his expert advice helped a lot. Thanks a bunch Mimics. The next milestone for me is either complete a game or get to 2000! The only game I could possibly complete right now is to finish NFS: Most Wanted because all the achievements are offline, besisdes that, it’s just beating the Blacklist.

I do have to get back into NFS, but, I’ve been focusing on realife racing in Forza Motorsport, and my current favorite, SAINT’S ROW!

It’s an aweosme game, and you get a lot of achievements for easy stuff. Marathon Runner (Run 26.2 Miles in the City of Stillwater) It’s great. It has better graphics than GTA and the storyline for each gang is full of decption, peril and death!

The 3rd Street Saints (Purple)
The Vice Kings (Yellow)
Los Carnales (Red)
The Westside Rollerz (Blue)

You join the Saints. You get a gun and blow the crap out of VKs, Carnales, and Rollerz, and Cops if they get in your way. Once you get a submachinegun in your crib, you can hold up in there for as long as you want. I love waiting untill I have FBI agents on me then blowing up the FBI vans.

If you’re ever in need of a Bulldog, all you need to do is piss off your loan sharks! (Mike and Dan) they come to you in a special First Borne Loans Bulldog, Just drive it around until a normal one spawns. Then mod it to your hearts content. (or take it to the Chop Shop)

For completing the Projects Hitman List you get the Platinum T3K Urban added to your crib. It has 65 ammo instead of the T3K’s normal 50! It also has increased damage aparently. As soon as I get a normal Bulldog, I’m finishing the Chop Shops, and Hitmans. They’re fun, moderatly to extremely hard, and only have one level. Unlike most of the others. (Which have 8) These activites can be completed usually for a more useful reward than Pimps Clothes.

Thats my tips…and announcement. I love Saints Row, I have reached the 1K milestone and I’m going nowhere but up. Peace…

Hardware Review: Microsoft Xbox 360

Today’s piece of hardware up for review will be Microsift’s Xbox 360!

It is an amazing console, released on November 22, 2005 AD. It was the first console of the 7th generation of videogames. It comes in 2 packages, the Fully Loaded Xbox 360 (White Box) with the HD-AV Component Video Cables, 20 GB Removable Hard Disk Drive (For Xbox 360), The Xbox 360 Console (With Chrome Finish), a brand new Xbox Live Headset (For use exclusively with the Xbox 360 Wireless/Wired Controllers), a Free Xbox Live Silver Account, and a free month of Xbox Live Gold Service.

Hardware Specs. (Courtesy Of

Xbox360PremiumBox.JPGXbox 360 System Xbox360Core.JPGXbox 360 Core System
Detachable 20 GB hard drive Yes No
Ethernet cable Yes No
Premium chrome finish Yes No
Xbox Live headset Yes (Most regions) No
Xbox Live Silver membership Yes Yes
One month trial of Xbox Live Gold Yes Yes
Gamepad 2.4 GHz wireless Wired, with 3 m breakaway cord
AV Cables Component HD-AV cable Composite AV cable


Xbox 360 GPU; note the smaller eDRAM die to the left of the main Xenos die


Xbox 360 GPU; note the smaller eDRAM die to the left of the main Xenos die

The Xbox 360 is similar in form factor to its predecessor. It is slightly slimmer in every dimension, and the industrial design helps reinforce this impression; the Xbox 360 is white and slightly concave, whereas the original Xbox was black and noticeably convex. The Xbox 360 is also about 350 grams lighter than the original Xbox. Much of this savings in size and weight was achieved by moving the power supply out of the console proper; the power supply by itself displaces 1300 cubic centimeters.


The Xbox 360 hardware features brand new approaches to its design, including an entirely different multi-core central processing unit (CPU) named Xenon and the Xenos GPU with Unified Shader Architecture. Xenon is a custom triple-core PowerPC-based design by IBM as opposed to the Xbox’s Intel Coppermine-128 microprocessor. Each core of the CPU is simultaneous multithreading capable and clocked at 3.2 gigahertz.


In addition, while the first Xbox’s graphics processing unit (GPU) was produced by NVidia, the Xbox 360 uses a chip designed by ATI called “Xenos” (Developed under the name “C1”, sometimes “R500”).[33] Xenos contains 48 unified shader units, which are capable both Vertex and Pixel shading operations in contrast of separate pipelines of current GPU design. The GPU package contains two separate silicon dies: the GPU proper and a eDRAM die for FSAA and post-processing. Heatsinks protect both the GPU and CPU of the console and the CPU heatsink uses heat pipes.[34] The heatsinks are actively cooled by a pair of 60 mm exhaust fans that push the air out of the case.

Xbox 360 Bandwidth Diagram


Xbox 360 Bandwidth Diagram


The console features 512 mebibytes of 700 megahertz GDDR3 RAM, which is shared by the CPU and the GPU via the unified memory architecture. A 21.6 GB/s front side bus (aggregated 10.8 GB/s upstream and downstream) is also featured by the console. For network and peripheral device connectivity, the console has a built-in 100BASE-TX RJ45 ethernet port, suitable for connecting to Xbox Live, and three USB ports.[35]


All games made for the Xbox 360 are required to support at least six channel Dolby Digital surround sound. Additionally, a wide array of standard and HDTV resolutions, up to 1920×1080 in interlaced mode, are supported by the console hardware.[36] The Xbox 360’s optical drive supports a wide variety of DVD-ROM formats in addition to DVD Video, as well as most common CD-based formats.[35] The option to apply a regional lockout to games is available to publishers. DVD region codes are always enforced. A 20 gigabyte detachable hard drive is available for game saves and downloads (included in the non-Core version of the console), as are small, portable memory cards.

Components and accessories

Main article: Xbox 360 components and accessories

An Xbox 360 Wireless Controller


An Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

Up to four controllers are supported by the Xbox 360, in either wired or wireless forms, and there is an optional wireless force feedback racing wheel for racing games that can be purchased separately as well. The Xbox 360 connects to Xbox Live through a optional wireless network adapter on a home network through a wireless router, and the Universal Media Remote can be used to control several functions of the console including the Windows Media Center functions if connected to the network. Various other components for the console exist such as decorative faceplates to change the physical appears of the console, wired or wireless headsets for communication over Xbox Live, and a Xbox 360 branded webcam called Xbox Live Vision Camera. An add-on external HD DVD drive will be released holiday season 2006.

Thats the general knowledge. It was courtesy of and is subject to change. As of right now, my review is a 8/10!

Plenty of strong points, including Games, Xbox Live Arcade, HD Graphics, and some pretty good processing power. However, not perfect yet, as the HD-DVD drive which could have been used for games is on sale soon as an optional add-on to play HD-DVDs. It’s getting there, but it is pretty good. Seamless intergration of Xbox Live and Arcade as well as realtime Chat and up to 100 friends ViA live. WiFi is not out-of-the-box. It’s improving but not quite perfect.

8/10 Stars for the Xbox 360, By MICROSOFT

It’s Just One Big Xbox Love Fest Here!?

This is a short overview of my Personal blog…

My blog is basically a place for people to read about Xbox/Microsoft biased reviews however still get honest reviews where hardware and software is reviewed for performance. I will of course be putting some of my life in here, using it as an actual blog where I can post updates about work, school, halo, and anything else I feel like.

It’s a place for me to rant. Some of you like reading this stuff. Some of you hate it. I want you to know occasionally I’ll have news and more up. It’s not always about me, but most of the time…yes it will be.

It’s just one bog HEAD SMASHING XBOX PARTY hosted by the one and only, PHANTOM GETT

Chrome Hounds (Hunt as a pack or Die Like a Dog)

I just got a game for the Xbox 360…It’s just been released. It is an awesome game called…Chrome Hounds

It’s produced by Sega and it is a Mech fighting/War simulator set on Earth in an alternate time line, where during the cold war, Sun spots sucessfully destroyed global communications. This also has the “nasty” side effect of disableing the radar guidence systems of all ballistic (Nuclear) missles.

So, the goverments in turmoil due to mass rioting and looting, another world war ensued. Because of the lack of personelle to fight a World War, the Mechs known as HOUNDs were created. They are made of Chromium Steel and thusly the name Chrome Hounds.

You are a mercenary for Rafezekeal, a national weapons and arms dealership as well as a mercenary service. The organization is a place for outcasts or refugees that have no homes or families. Most of the mercenaries have a mission simply to survive, or to die fighting.

You slaughter your enimies trying to get the Highest Rank for a sucessful mission. Ranks from A-F I’m guessing. Maybe even the UBER rank “S”. You gain Parts for your own personal HOUND as well as money to buy parts. You build your HOUND the way you play.

A Soilder with close and medium range capabilities, a Scout with light weaponry and armor for recon, a Heavy Gunner with HUGE weapons, a Defeneder with MEGA ARMOR and tank treads, a Lone Wolf Sniper with Ultra long range capabilites, or a Tactical Commander with the best telecomunications.

Build your HOUND and take the fight online, Hunt with your squad as a pack or your HOUND becomes a Chrome plated coffin.

I love this game. 6 story paths. DEEP story lines. Great Co-Op and Multiplayer capabilities. It’s an overall AWESOME GAME! Just what the Xbox 360 needs. 9.5/10