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Public Service Announcement: How to Put Air in your Tires

If you drive a car, you owe it to yourself and every service worker you will ever encounter to know how to put air in your tires. It may even save your life! Continue reading

Site Upgrades, and a Tips Hotline Coming Soon

If you guys want some tips for your favorite games, I’ll search for them. I just need to know what you like to play. Or What you need help with. In this case, it’ll be Xbox 360 Games only.┬áLeave a comment telling me a game and/or a specific area in the game. And I’ll send you an answer as soon as possible.

Also, there should be a paypal donate button coming soon, If you like my and my sister’s tips. Drop us a dollar or two just to show some appreciation. You know, it’s only if you like the occasional tips you get here.

Leave the comments telling me what you need help with and/or your e-mail and I’ll post the tips up tips up that you ask for. There you go.

Some People Don’t Have a Clue

I’m not a hater, I just think some people don’t actually know what their talking about sometimes.

Have you seen some of these goths, and emos. They say they want to die by Disembowling!? They say they want to feel all the pain and watch themselves die. I just don’t believe they understand. Do they actually have any IDEA how EXSCRUTIATING the pain of that is?!

They cut themselves because the pain releases endorphins in the brain inducing the illusion of enjoyment, at least as far as I know. Like I said, I’m not anti goth, I’m just not sure why someone would intentionally hurt themselves to feel good. It’s like smoking crack, it may feel good, but it’s bad for you.


I guess I’m just not that smart. I’m conflicted between getting back together with my girlfriend and risking what my friends think of me, or just satying…”friends” if what we had could even be called that, She won’t even look at me. I’m sorry. I’m not sure anymore

Fighter’s Guild! (Joining info and First Mission)