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Sorry To All My XBL Friends and my 360

Yeah, sorry everyone, I’m offline for another 5 days. I have been Xbox 360 Gorunded due to a Math assignment missed. That won’t happen again, I freakin’ got in my teacher’s face and made sure he checked off my homework today.

My 360 Blog, located HERE, is where my 360 Comments on my successes, deafeats and MIAs. It basically gives anyone who cares a rundown of what happens during it’s timw with me, wheather it’s on or not. It tells me how it’s pissed that I haven’t gamed in a few days and how I’m missing out on achievment points. I can’t be on. The Box is even up off the ground so no one knocks it or anything…I’m bored. I want to play Forza, or Practice Halo or something. I have a tourney, and I do plan to finish Saint’s Row Sometime…

Oh well, as long as I can’t game, I’ll be here. Online. Typing. It’s all good I guess. I told my mother I didn’t have any homework, I didn’t even know I had the homework, almost no one wrote it down and thusly, several people didn’t have the homework. However, since my mother requested a closer eye be kept on my schoolwork, my Mother was notified immediatly of the missed assignment, and I was chewed out as soon as I got home… If anything, I learned that theirs No substitute for hard work, and there are consequences for not doing said work. I just know I have to do it, But I don’t because I hate doing it. I have to grow up and suck it up. I can’t procrastinate and not do the work. It has to be done.

Speaking of Work, I’m supposed to lead a “tour” of Ireland in a couple weeks, so If anyone here would like to contribute something they might KNOW is currently in Ireland, or something that is a must see if you visit. Post it up. It would be greatly appreciated. No, I’m not asking you to do the thing, just something you might be able to contribute, I have to do the work. Thanks in advance for any help, anyone is willing to give.

Thats all I got, Later everyone

Lickwid Gold and Halo 2

I have some updates for the readers of my official blog…

First of all, Lickwid Gold Musicast’s First Episode is being converted as I type and will be up soon. It should be done soon. As soon as it’s done converting, I’ll post it up online! I hope you enjoy it, Professional class audio editing, and the voice talents of me! It was pretty good. You get plenty of music and of course some of the best upcoming talents of Lickwid Gold Records of Upstate NY!

Secondly, the Podtacular ’06 Fall Season is starting soon, and I’m waiting for a team invite. I don’t want to miss out. I might even be able to place with my team as well. I am definiatly going to train up and sharpen my skills before we start. The last thing we need however is to go up against GLewis in round 1! We’d get slagged. I want to start out with something reminiscient to a win. At this time, or as I am typing, I have not Specific Team affiliation! I need a team, I’ve pitched names, as well, however, if I don’t get a team in Time, I’ll just have to be another spectator. I would freakin’ love to be in this season! I hope I am. If anything I hope I get at least one good match outta the tourney!

Well, thats the update. AND all I got. Time for homework…Lata

-Phantom G.