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Danny Phantom Reborn – Under New Management

Well, It’s official, DPR is now run by Mabaroshiwou, and PandaJenn. I wish them much luck in their future episodes. I know they’ll make the podcast awesome, so START LISTENING!

It’s Just One Big Xbox Love Fest Here!?

This is a short overview of my Personal blog…

My blog is basically a place for people to read about Xbox/Microsoft biased reviews however still get honest reviews where hardware and software is reviewed for performance. I will of course be putting some of my life in here, using it as an actual blog where I can post updates about work, school, halo, and anything else I feel like.

It’s a place for me to rant. Some of you like reading this stuff. Some of you hate it. I want you to know occasionally I’ll have news and more up. It’s not always about me, but most of the time…yes it will be.

It’s just one bog HEAD SMASHING XBOX PARTY hosted by the one and only, PHANTOM GETT

Lickwid Gold and Halo 2

I have some updates for the readers of my official blog…

First of all, Lickwid Gold Musicast’s First Episode is being converted as I type and will be up soon. It should be done soon. As soon as it’s done converting, I’ll post it up online! I hope you enjoy it, Professional class audio editing, and the voice talents of me! It was pretty good. You get plenty of music and of course some of the best upcoming talents of Lickwid Gold Records of Upstate NY!

Secondly, the Podtacular ’06 Fall Season is starting soon, and I’m waiting for a team invite. I don’t want to miss out. I might even be able to place with my team as well. I am definiatly going to train up and sharpen my skills before we start. The last thing we need however is to go up against GLewis in round 1! We’d get slagged. I want to start out with something reminiscient to a win. At this time, or as I am typing, I have not Specific Team affiliation! I need a team, I’ve pitched names, as well, however, if I don’t get a team in Time, I’ll just have to be another spectator. I would freakin’ love to be in this season! I hope I am. If anything I hope I get at least one good match outta the tourney!

Well, thats the update. AND all I got. Time for homework…Lata

-Phantom G.

Danny Phantom Reborn Episode 3 is UP!

Danny Phantom Reborn episode #3 is now up and atom!

Take a look at!

See Ya’ll Later!

Lickwid Gold Musi-Cast

I’m now podcasting an online Radio Show, using Lickwid Gold Record’s Finest! Tune in with hosting courtesy of Podshow+

It will appear on iTunes after I get a logo from my employer and I get some music courtesy of the artists. This cast will be more commercial than my others. It will be like a radio show, where I will talk, interview the artists, then move onto a new song. They will be snippets so it does not deter my listeners from buying the albums courtesy of Lickwid Gold Records! We have the talent of the Twinz, Rea and Amy, and Clasiq!

It will be an awesome cast, interviews with the artists themselves and of course, some good music! Check out the feed at It’s not much to look at now, because the feed is still fresh, but soon, it’ll be a full blown podcast! Also, you can check out something with a litlle more color at!
Enjoy every one, I’ll see you soon. Phantom Gett on another podcast!

OK…Now I’m pissed.

Crap…I freakin hate WordPress right now. I didn't realize you had to SAVE entires before you publish them. This post was supposed to be some awesome Oblivion tips and now…They were regretably lost. Now, I'm just kinda pissed. I will repost them eventually and this time…I'll be Damned if I screw it up.

P.G. 360 Radio Test

This is a test to see if my RSS is up and running! Just have to get a feedbirner link and I'm golden!