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New Blog Created!

I am testing out new ideas on a blog I started for a college class at St. Rose. It’s all about Plastic Modeling (Plamo), including building and painting of both Gundam Plastic Kits (Gunpla) and Warhammer 40k models (40k).

It’s still in it’s infancy, but it would mean a lot if you could check it out and maybe follow it! 😉


It’s a work in progress, but I’m already really proud. Give it a look to check out my latest paint job of a Cosmic-themed Nobel Gundam!81JrolkpuZL._SL1500_

Thanks everyone! I may still post here with all my rants when inspiration strikes me. Have a great day filled with unfettered creativity!

Pissy Women, and Repaired Accord

Women in my life seem to be premenstrual, or maybe I’m just an a-hole. On the other hand, My car is back in action. New Windshield. Cat-Converter tightened, new Plastic front spoiler

Weekly Update

Well, the Basic format is it’s my mother’s Birthday and It’s Super Bowl Sunday. So, with little time to think, I’m pulling rush-jobs on all my Homework. Last week’s HW turnout was horrible, and I want to pass, so I got some serious work to do!

I think it’s just that there are too many distraction, combined with my own natural laziness to make for a major procrastination Sandwhich. Although, It’s not entirely impossible to do what I need, it is, highly improbbable. That Book Report alone would take a 3 Weeks if I did it to the best of my ability. It’s a long 700+ page book, but one if the only ones in existence as a Biography to Emporer Meiji. So, I’ll be reading and absorbing that at Hyperspeed to save my Grade. 70/50, I’ll take the 70 with a bunch of hard work.

I hate constantly being on the brink of failure, I wish I had some breathing room, but I know , that I would just being to shirk things if I had any. My connundrum is that there are way more fun things to do, and I HAVE to do my Homework. I HAVE to put my Nose to the grindstone and just Do it! I’m not programmed that way, and aside from that, I just in general hate Homework. Especially when my teachers assign projects.

The Challenging thing about projects is not only setting up a work schedul but adhereing to it. Adhering to my schedual would be the hardest part, because I always say “I have plenty of time” right up until the last minute when I rish to finish. That kills me. It’s hard to change too. It’s like trying to fight what you are. Resistance, is not fun. It so easy to just not do anything. The sweet smell of an A would be the release I need. I know that will take a LOT of work. I’ll be lucky if I manage a 70 on my Global because of that one test I got a 55 on! That hurt. Like Hell. I was just bringing the grade up too.

Well, Once again I am saying some sweet words. But will I be insprired enough to do the work, or will the sweet, sweet words I’m telling myself turn into bitter orange wax in my ears. Only time and my drive to suceed in school will tell. Which is virtually invisible because I have no one worth competeing with or for. I can’t see far enough ahead to find a reason to do my work. That has to change.

That was the weekly update, check back periodically if you’re interested enough, and absorb some of my better works

Site Upgrades, and a Tips Hotline Coming Soon

If you guys want some tips for your favorite games, I’ll search for them. I just need to know what you like to play. Or What you need help with. In this case, it’ll be Xbox 360 Games only. Leave a comment telling me a game and/or a specific area in the game. And I’ll send you an answer as soon as possible.

Also, there should be a paypal donate button coming soon, If you like my and my sister’s tips. Drop us a dollar or two just to show some appreciation. You know, it’s only if you like the occasional tips you get here.

Leave the comments telling me what you need help with and/or your e-mail and I’ll post the tips up tips up that you ask for. There you go.

Sorry To All My XBL Friends and my 360

Yeah, sorry everyone, I’m offline for another 5 days. I have been Xbox 360 Gorunded due to a Math assignment missed. That won’t happen again, I freakin’ got in my teacher’s face and made sure he checked off my homework today.

My 360 Blog, located HERE, is where my 360 Comments on my successes, deafeats and MIAs. It basically gives anyone who cares a rundown of what happens during it’s timw with me, wheather it’s on or not. It tells me how it’s pissed that I haven’t gamed in a few days and how I’m missing out on achievment points. I can’t be on. The Box is even up off the ground so no one knocks it or anything…I’m bored. I want to play Forza, or Practice Halo or something. I have a tourney, and I do plan to finish Saint’s Row Sometime…

Oh well, as long as I can’t game, I’ll be here. Online. Typing. It’s all good I guess. I told my mother I didn’t have any homework, I didn’t even know I had the homework, almost no one wrote it down and thusly, several people didn’t have the homework. However, since my mother requested a closer eye be kept on my schoolwork, my Mother was notified immediatly of the missed assignment, and I was chewed out as soon as I got home… If anything, I learned that theirs No substitute for hard work, and there are consequences for not doing said work. I just know I have to do it, But I don’t because I hate doing it. I have to grow up and suck it up. I can’t procrastinate and not do the work. It has to be done.

Speaking of Work, I’m supposed to lead a “tour” of Ireland in a couple weeks, so If anyone here would like to contribute something they might KNOW is currently in Ireland, or something that is a must see if you visit. Post it up. It would be greatly appreciated. No, I’m not asking you to do the thing, just something you might be able to contribute, I have to do the work. Thanks in advance for any help, anyone is willing to give.

Thats all I got, Later everyone

Once Again…Out Of Commission

This is it, again. I’ve lost my Xbox on a count of ONE missed Math Assignment!

I did tell my mother I would do better, So, I guess it is deserved, however, learing from my mistakes, I have completed the next homework, and done quiz corrections for points back.

Spanish, however, is another story entireley. I have some flashcards to do, I’d better get going on them. I don’t want to get in anymore trouble. I also have to work on Global, I have been skipping out on some assignments. They are those 3 Question, 3 Page Textbook assignments. I know I have to do ’em, but I just procrastinate…I have to work on that…

Well anyway, onto Spanish Flashcards…ugh…*deep sigh*

1000 Gamerscore

I’ve hit a milestone! 1010 Gamerscore baby!

It was a long road, with 2 times as many games as most! It was insane. With Saint’s Row, Oblivion, and Chrome Hounds as well as Kameo: Elements of Power contributing most of the gamerscore. I also give credit to UNO, and Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.

I also have a 100 GS thanks to MimicsShadow’s DEAD RISING! He helped a lot, and each 20 point fluff as well as his expert advice helped a lot. Thanks a bunch Mimics. The next milestone for me is either complete a game or get to 2000! The only game I could possibly complete right now is to finish NFS: Most Wanted because all the achievements are offline, besisdes that, it’s just beating the Blacklist.

I do have to get back into NFS, but, I’ve been focusing on realife racing in Forza Motorsport, and my current favorite, SAINT’S ROW!

It’s an aweosme game, and you get a lot of achievements for easy stuff. Marathon Runner (Run 26.2 Miles in the City of Stillwater) It’s great. It has better graphics than GTA and the storyline for each gang is full of decption, peril and death!

The 3rd Street Saints (Purple)
The Vice Kings (Yellow)
Los Carnales (Red)
The Westside Rollerz (Blue)

You join the Saints. You get a gun and blow the crap out of VKs, Carnales, and Rollerz, and Cops if they get in your way. Once you get a submachinegun in your crib, you can hold up in there for as long as you want. I love waiting untill I have FBI agents on me then blowing up the FBI vans.

If you’re ever in need of a Bulldog, all you need to do is piss off your loan sharks! (Mike and Dan) they come to you in a special First Borne Loans Bulldog, Just drive it around until a normal one spawns. Then mod it to your hearts content. (or take it to the Chop Shop)

For completing the Projects Hitman List you get the Platinum T3K Urban added to your crib. It has 65 ammo instead of the T3K’s normal 50! It also has increased damage aparently. As soon as I get a normal Bulldog, I’m finishing the Chop Shops, and Hitmans. They’re fun, moderatly to extremely hard, and only have one level. Unlike most of the others. (Which have 8) These activites can be completed usually for a more useful reward than Pimps Clothes.

Thats my tips…and announcement. I love Saints Row, I have reached the 1K milestone and I’m going nowhere but up. Peace…