Vape Hardware Review: Project Sub-Ohm SauceCode

This tank… Well, it’s a sub-ohm, top filling tank that utilizes Atlantis-Style coil heads.

That means any coil heads that work in the Atlantis, will work with this one too! Including E-Leaf Melo Coils, Tobeco SuperTank coils, and Sense Herakles coils.

That’s all well and good, and the juice flow control works I guess, but there are some pretty serious drawbacks… Read on to find out.

On the negative side, because the bottom AFC doesn’t have any “clicks” to set it into, and is completely flush, as is the base of the tank, it becomes a pain to remove the base from the rest of the tank, like say, to change coils. In my opinion, both these parts (The AFC and Base) need to be knurled. The AFC needs a stopper/clearly defined clicks as well, because I can’t tell when I’m spinning off the base or just spinning the AFC in place.

The reason is because, I need to use a screw driver/paper towels, or else I will receive some slices… I didn’t like that about my Zephyrus tank either. Getting cut for taking apart your tank is no bueno for me.

Also, I’ve shattered BOTH pyrex tank sections minutes apart. The first one, that was on me from a fall (onto carpet), the second, well, cracked when I installed it after the first broke!? Not exactly tough cookies, are they?

I even bought the RBA section, in fact, I bought 2 by accident because I didn’t read hard enough to notice this tank came with one!

Which is great! Except, that even at it’s most open setting, the juice-flow control blocks off 2/3rds of the wick holes! Which is fine because it gets pretty limited airflow compared to a stock coil…

I realize you have to make the RBAs more restrictive/worse than prebuilt coils, because then no one would buy the prebuilt ones, but…eh… It’s just a bit disappointing.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s things to like about the tank. But I have a Kanger Subtank Mini (with RBA+), and a Uwell Crown… Both of those options seem to be stronger tanks *IN MY OPINION* than this one is in it’s current iteration.

I enjoyed vaping on it while I could, but it proved pretty shatter prone, didn’t like to come apart easily when I wanted it to, and wasn’t super rewarding to build on…

I wouldn’t buy another, but I’d buy more glass and see if I was just bad… But I’d also wait for a V2 of this tank.

It’s a sweet first attempt, and I think it’s good they took a stab at it. But, I also think there are areas for improvement that need to be addressed to make this tank a *TRUE* contender.

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