Am I a nice guy? No, but I have a sweet Fedora (Linux)!

That’s right, I’ve installed another OS on my humble and mildly broken laptop. Fedora Linux 22.

Update: Switched to a USB 3.0 32GB drive. Works so much better.

As anyone reading this should know by now, I enjoy learning new things when it comes to PCs and what you can do with them. I may have even posted in the past about my disdain for Fedora Linux. Personally, I’ve always found Fedora to take more tinkering than most other distros to function as a regular workstation, this is due mostly to it’s nature as a “bleeding edge” distro. It’s designed to incorporate the newest and best additions to Linux and be on an incredibly quick update cycle. For professionals, this is great! It means there is always something new to adapt to and many vulnerabilities are plugged quickly. For regular users, this can be problematic.

When I was a youngin’, I figured Fedora looked cool and worked well enoughh, I even tried to set up Wine to be able to game on it, and to have an OS to use when Windows would invariably break… Well, because of the nature of it’s constant updates, very few hardware devs want to support it with proprietary drivers. That’s no problem if you don’t intend to game on it, but I did. I found it hard to keep up with the update cycle as well because I would use it so sporadically. I eventually gave up on it, and almost gave up on Linux all together.

A few computer classes later, I began using Ubuntu, and I found that to be a bit slow. I also monkeyed around with persistence options , but I never found one that worked right…

Flash forwards a few years and I find out about Linux Mint from Reddit. I downloaded it and after some twists and turns, I was able to install it to a USB 3.0 Nano-style flash drive. It’s been running well and I find myself using it frequently.

Well, a month or so ago, I came across a Linux Bible in a bookstore in Va. Beach… I started reading tit and to my great surprise found out that it’s all about Fedora! Well **** me. I found myself another 3.0 Nano-style device and attempted to install Fedora onto it. That failed royally and my drive ended up dead. Needless to say I was quite annoyed.

My Laptop only has a 240GB SSD on it, which meant I had little room to partition off to any flavor of Linux… I found myself a UBS 2.0 Nano-style drive and tried again, just for the hell of it.

It works!

But, it’s slow as balls. I actually really wish I had a 3.0 again, maybe next paycheck.

At least I have a functioning and persistent install of Fedora and I can start using it as what I intended to use it for: getting my Red Hat Certs!

I’m a PR and Advertising Major, but having knowledge and skill with SQL, Enterprise Linux, and some basic Java programming is always helpful in the job hunt. Plus, I just find this fun!

I go back to school on the 31st of August for my (hopefully) final semester. I’m taking a class on SQL and I decided to get a head start on it. It’s helped rekindle my long-lost love of technology. It’s also interesting because I never thought I’d voluntarily want to learn programming and comp-sci. Now, here I am trying to use it to enhance my future… The world is interesting and even if I only get one or two certifications, simply knowing I can do it is a rush for me.

I move out of my current apartment on the 31st as well. I should be packing instead of writing this blog post, but I’m proud of myself, and maybe not that anyone specifically cares, but hopefully, someone finds this inspirational and takes the plunge themselves with Linux, programming, or even just something they’ve always wanted to learn but never had the guts, or motivation to learn…

Life is crazy and there’s no single, or simple, road to getting what you want. With automation approaching faster every day and limited chances for social mobility, looming threats to privacy and the power of information, it’s in everyone’s best interest to learn a little more.

I’m rambling, so I’ll end this post here. Good luck everyone. Hope to report back soon with better news and more knowledge.

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