Today, I did some vape sh*t…

Lord I’m bad…

For posterity:

Segelei 150w
IPV Mini 2
Beyond Vape Sage Mod
Council of Vapor Kindred 1.5 Mod
eGo C-Twist

Kanger Subtank Mini
Doge V2 RDA
Mutation V3 RDA
Project Sub-Ohm/Wotofo Freakshow Mini RDA
Nimbus Clone RDA

2 Samsung 18650-25R Batteries
2 LG 18650 Batteries
1 Sony 18650 VTC5 Battery

The rabbit hole runs deep.

The Interesting Bit:
To be fair, I got the Nimbus Clone RDA for a buddy who has an eGo style VV battery/mod. I wanted to get him a cheap and simple dripper that he could use to taste juices without burning his battery out, along the way testing out how to build coils and use the ohm’s law calculator sites and stuff.

Started Here. Figured out, I should probably stay above 1.8 ohms…

So, I built an 18-wrap single micro coil, 28 guage Kanthal build. It fires up relatively quickly and is pretty safe. Reading 2.2 ohms on my Sigelei. Only took like 5 tries. Originally I wanted to do dual coils. Lol, yeah right. It’s like 32 wraps PER COIL to hit 2.0 ohms.

I wasn’t particularly difficult, with the micro coil, 18 wraps is a little over half-way across the 19 mm deck. No issues so far. I cooked and compressed the coils. Glow nice and evenly from the inside out. Wicked them with some organic cotton, looking sweet. Vapes well on a C-twist without blowing up, overheating or venting…

If I had done a Macro Coil, perhaps I could have used less wraps, but this was more convenient for me.
/Interesting Bit

I also discovered the mutation’s Top cap will fit on the Doge V2’s base. Like perfectly. I never really liked the Cyclopian air-holes in the Doge’s top cap, and even after a few days with the Doge, I missed the mutation’s airflow. I may miss out on the deeper juicewell of the Mutation, but the Doge X seems to work pretty well. I just kitbashed my own.

I really like it actually. I get the great conductivity and roominess of the Doge’s base with the swirling, and cooling fins of the Mutation X v3. I’m currently running a sleeper twisted 26 guage build in there. 7 wraps. Totals out at .3 ohms. Works great on my regulated devices. Plenty of clouds and if I turn down the wattage/airflow, pretty decent flavor. But, I have been using a single coil build in the Freakshow Mini on my IPV Mini 2 for flavor and stealth vaping. It’s a pretty compact setup.

So ends a rambling post about vaping.

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