Public Service Announcement: How to Put Air in your Tires

If you drive a car, you owe it to yourself and every service worker you will ever encounter to know how to put air in your tires. It may even save your life!

Step One: Find a place that dispenses air. Stewarts Shops do, as well as several gas stations. If you aren’t sure, ask.

Step Two: Open your door and check the jamb. There should be a sticker telling you how much air goes in your tire. Not sure/can’t find it? 32 PSI. But what if…? 32 PSI.

Step Three: Remove Valve Cap. The black thing sticking out at an odd angle from your tire.

Step Four: Clip air-chuck/hose onto the exposed threads of your valve stem.

Step Five: Depress Plunger/Button/Lever/Activation Tool

Step Six: Fill for about 4 seconds. Check pressure. If it’s higher than your door jamb/32, let some air out. If lower, continue to fill until you’re happy.

Step Seven: Replace valve cap.

Congrats! You just filled your tires!

Caveats & Addendums: DO NOT fill off the “Max Inflation Pressure” on the side of the tire. This is over filled and will lead to a bumpy ride and terrible tire wear and also shitty gas milage.

If you have a vehicle equipped with TPMS (orange tire with an exclamation point in it) and the light comes on? Fill your tires.

Pressure will drop when it’s colder outside UNLESS your tires are filled with Nitrogen.

“Cold Inflation Pressure” means Before the vehicle has been driven at the coldest point in the morning. If you’re low and have been driving on your tires, fill a few (2-3) PSI higher than indicated pressure, this accounts for the drop after you stop. General rule of thumb is 1 PSI lost for every 10 degree drop in pressure.

Hopefully this helps someone.

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