Testing out a New OS

Simply typing this message is cool for me because I’m doing it not from Windows, or Mac.

Anyone who knows me personally, knows I like fast things. Cars, computers, animals; they must be quick.

I detest things that are slow. I’ve tried to run alternate OSes before. But shitty/small flash drives made me beyond angry, while running virtualized OSes, even on fast hardware was inherently slow.

I ran Ubuntu in both the above ways for a semester as an experiment with Linux for an Intro to Comp-Sci course. Bravo to that teacher. James Looby of HVCC. His website has essentially his entire class on it.

I enjoyed his class. Before that, I ran a separate hard drive with the latest Fedora installed. God, between YUM and a new OS version on an almost Every-other-month Basis, it was not for beginners. Plus, finding Graphics drivers was the biggest pain in the cock I’ve ever had.

The Ubuntu I played with was the 14.04 LTS version. While I liked it, it was very bloated. So much pretty, but it started to draw on the system resources.

Today, I finally got this flash drive in the mail. It’s not the fastest, but for the price, storage space, and because I barely notice it in my laptop, I went with it anyways.

Now, for something to fill it with… For that I turned to one of the user-friendliest distros on the market: Linux Mint.

Specifically the MATE version. It’s a little bit more spartan with the UI but is quicker because it drains less resources than the Cinnamon, which is prettier, but uses GNOME, like Ubuntu. I generally stuck with the KDE Environment when I used Fedora, but I never found myself making use of the 4 different desktops, and I because the computer I was running it on was a tank at the time, I didn’t notice a difference between it and GNOME Fedora.

So far, it’s working great. It’s snappy even running with the USB as it’s main storage, the 64 GB means I can toss lots of programs on it, and a simple reboot is all that’s required to switch between it and Windows. I’m loving it so far. My main reason for giving it a try was my rekindled love of technology thanks to having to take some CompSci courses to fill out my broken-ass class schedule.

So, wonderful. I’m running 17.1 of Linux Mint with the MATE environment and I’m loving it. Hooray for FOSS.

Everyone should try out Linux for themselves if for no other reason than grins. Pendrive Linux is how I made mine. But you can always burn yourself a LiveCD/DVD as well. USB is just faster >:)

Have you had experience with Linux? You a hard-core programmer, or a regular user? I’d like to hear why and how you use/have used Linux. Leave me a comment below!


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