Finished another HG Gunpla. Typically, it’s derivative of the Wing Gundam…

LvwQqHc - Imgur

That’s right. The Wing Gundam Fenice. Took me a bit longer to build because I used some different techniques, products, and spent more time smoothing it out.

I noted what I used in the photos, but just in case you just want to know…

Under chest vents were painted with Army Painter’s Matt Black acrylic primer. Face vents/lines were done with the self-same paint, but thinned.

Panel lining was done in stages:

  • White/Beige: Mechanical Pencil
  • Green and Gold: Pigment Pens (For Inking Sketches)
  • Red: 50/50 Mix of Citdadel’s Agrax Earthshade and Carroburg Crimson washes.

The Eyes were painted separately as well.

  • Primered in Army Painted Matt Black (Slightly Thinned)
  • Base Coated Eyes in Citadel’s Ceramite White (Thinned, multi coat)
  • The area under the eyes was done with thinned Ceramite White (watery consistency) and then painted with Citadel’s Nuln Oil Shade for the “gray” look.
  • The eyes were then layered with Citadel’s White Scar Layer Paint (again, thinned)
  • The left eye was painted over with Waywatcher Green Glaze from Citadel, while the right was given a few coats of Carroburg Crimson Shade.
  • Both eyes then recieved a coat of Citadel’s ‘Ardcoat from their Technical Range.

This was also the first kit I’ve done where I filed in one direction, and then polished with 2000 Grit Automotive sandpaper. Worked quite well.

  • The Chest Jewel was given several coats of Waywatcher Green Glaze on the inside and then a final coating of ‘Ardcoat also on the inside to protect it.

All parts were then washed in dawn and warm water to get off grease and plastic dust.

Final, individual parts (each arm, each leg, the backpack, head, weapons, hands, and groin) were sprayed lightly with Army Paint Anti-Shine Matt Varnish from a rattle-can. As a side note, I heated the can up by submerging it in warm water for about 5 minutes, then shook well, shot 3 lightish coats. Turning the parts around for the second, and then doing a final pass over all of it. I was spraying into a cardboard box because it’s like 17*F where I live.

All in all, I think it came out spectacular. Wing Gundam was placed near it to show the difference in Technique. The OG Wing’s eyes were done similar to the left eye on the Fenice, though all panel lining was done with thinned Army Painter Matt Black. Comes off more cartoony, but I like that.

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