Gundam Build Fighters – IRL Gunpla Gripes

I recently got back into Gundam and more specifically Gunpla, because I used to build them in the mid to late 90s. Ah, youth.

But now I see build fighters and get the itch to build Gunpla again… and I see that pretty much every Gunpla used in the show is HG but most of them have internal frames!

“Damn, why aren’t the HG Kits offered with an Internal Frame?”

You see how easy the Gunpla are to work on and repair in the show, and I know it’s the show, but they constantly have the Gunpla apart to do things to it.

I know there’s RGs for Internal Framed 1/144, but I feel like they need to expand the line more! I really love the idea of an internal frame for that size because it makes them sturdier, harder to break. More complex sure, but isn’t that half the fun? The frame also adds more weight to the main body of the model which gives it better balance in the case of models with large/silly backpacks such as Wing/Zero/EW/God Gundam.

Which is why the RG Wing Zero EW is at the top of my list for my next Gunpla. I thought I was going to try some of the new HG lines, which I started with Wing Gundam this week. Also an HG-Build Fighter (the jet from Build Strike Full Package) because it’s interchangable on HG kits.

I like the interchangability of parts, being able to kitbash and make unique creations was one of the reasons I fell so hard for Warhammer 40k models.

The more I think about it though, the more I feel like Internal frames need to be the norm. It helps from a logistical standpoint. If the frames can be customized/standardized, then IF something breaks, it’s much easier to fix.

I always had problems with the shoulder joints of the old HG kits. Building the HGAC Wing Gundam makes me worry about the shoulder joints too, and the leg joints…

Posing Gunpla is half the fun, and I like mine to be able to move as frequently as action figures. I know the plastic wears away after a while and the joints become a bit floppy, but if you’re going to build a Gunpla, I don’t think it should just sit on a shelf!

Who says the fun should end after you’ve assembled and painted it? I know it’s physically impossible for what occurs in build fighters to happen IRL but who’s to say it wouldn’t be the most bad-ass thing to ever happen to Gunpla?!

Whatever, this was a rant, and probably a poorly written one at that, I just didn’t want to floor Reddit with a rant.

Maybe I’ll buy a few RG Zero EW kits and see if I can’t crowbar the armor of a Wing or other Gundam onto it. I’m all excited now. I can’t wait to finish classes/work and finish Wing Gundam tonight!

EDIT: I suppose HG Kits do use a frame, just not a very robust one. I totally forgot about all the gray parts you use to make the frame. Including the polycaps. However, I still feel it’s a bit lack-lustre compared to MG and RG kits. (Never built nor seen a PG kit so don’t ask me about those)

I guess it’s not so bad. Maybe I’ll go home and double check all the parts. I mean, I’m going to end up at least panel lining the armor parts anyways.

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