Day 2

Yup. Still miss her.

Today, I worked. In a miracle brought about of my own gumption… I got the Miata to fire… For about a second. It then proceeded to cough up smoke and die. Oh well, should probably check all my grounds and make sure it’s all wired up correctly. Lord, if I could get the Miata squared away, I could start focusing on the G. Oh the things I would do if I had money.

As per usual, cars serve as a very appropriate distraction.

Went to a local meet at Guptill’s Arena… Lots of Hondas… Wasn’t super impressed. My buddy brought his Black Evo X out to play, and we ran into his buddy with a Red Evo X. An NSX appeared at the meet followed by a new Boss 302, which was lovely.

On the drive home, I caught myself missing her, and wishing she’d been with me… Even if she was bored with the cars. My buddy brought his girl out with him, and it really made me miss the companionship… Now, I’m sitting here again, regretting my poor decisions and hoping against hope I have the chance to right my wrongs, not that I deserve or expect that chance.

Parting Thoughts?


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