That Damn Smile

After making plans, and appropriately preparing myself for a meeting with fate… Haircut, shave, nice clothes, comfortable shoes, various mental prep, the works… I went to the fair grounds to meet with my ex for a real talk. The first in 6 months.

After arriving at 8 PM, and wandering till 10:19 PM, I finally found her, on her way out, and after 2 brisk hugs and very few words, she was off. All the while with that damn smile on her face.

That Damn Smile as it should be known now, is that impenetrable smile women wear when they talk. It’s similar to a poker face.

I know that women seldom say what they mean. It’s much easier to read a person’s body language, even if one isn’t experienced in such ventures, than to try and read them vocally such as on the phone. Women tend to convey thoughts through subtle actions. A fireworks display to most men, some women tend to bite their lower lip when they are “in the mood”… Or stare at the ground when faced with an unpleasant memory…

My ex, from when she saw me, to when she walked away, had That Damn Smile on. I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to!? I wanted to know what she was thinking. Even a rough idea. She contacted me after 8 months out of the blue, an I wanted to know why… Because of That Damn Smile however, I learned nothing in 3-4 minutes. I’m exactly where I started except now I’m angry I wasted my night looking for her! She hung up on me and my friend because her parents were watching her… She found me by accident and waved me over and everything, and 3 minutes later, she was gone, and I had wasted any money I spent there because I hadn’t accomplished anything, and I had no fun trying to hunt her down.

Damn. Yeah. After all that build up, this was mainly a pissed off rant. Whatever, goodnight. Hope you got something from this.


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