Truths to her

Number 1) No matter what you write on your wall, he’s gone. He told you so himself!
Number 0)GET OVER IT! Exactly like you forced me to.
Number 2) Karma exists.
Number 3) You probably deserve it. I know I did.
Number 4) You’re probably are. Just so you stop wondering, I’m dropping a check at your place sometime soon. I’ll let you know.
Number 5) When you burn friends, don’t expect them to forgive you quickly or easily! Especially when you burned me as bad as you did?… Time ain’t gunna fix that one.
Number 6) I’m throwing your ring off a cliff
Number 7) I don’t want any of the crap I gave you back, besides my ring.
Number 8) I don’t even think I want to know you! Good luck, leave me the fuck alone. For ever! You fucked me over, deal with the fact that I don’t like you and we’ll never be civil again!
Number 9) Good-the-fuck-bye.

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