Women are Logical Too

So, my Ex hasn’t talked to me since she dumped all her problems on me.

I dreamed bout her last night. It was a simple Dream, she texted me and we talked and talked, and I wanted her, but I rejected her because I didn’t want to get hurt again.

The female mind is crazy as fuck. It has to do with sense, not that it makes any! Women don’t seem to do anything logically, However, upon a closer look we see there is a logic. There just isn’t clear intention. A woman will also put herself first, no matter what. She will accomplish her objective, unless it doesn’t jive with her own, in which case she’ll tell you she couldn’t accomplish it.

Logic is how men decide to do things, whether the guide is importance, or convience, there is a method to getting things done. A man will admit he’s wrong. Prove it and a man will gracefully accept it, and if he doesn’t call him on it, he’ll have no choice.

A woman, would rather walk away from the argument, which will frustrate a man, because it seems no progress has been made.

If a man bows out first, in an argument with a woman, some may call him whipped, I’ll call him a wiseman. Diplomacy is how you keep women happy.

Women: We don’t know what you want unless you tell us. Tell us and we’ll do our best.

Men: Do your goddamn best or face the consequences.

Women: You know what the consequences are.

This has gotten off topic though. This blog is about me. I may well be wrong, here’s my disclaimer, I’m a 20 year old, working on a CompSci degree, taking any of this as law isn’t smart.

These are observatory remarks that myself, my friends, my dad and/or my mother have noticed/clued me into over the years. See if they make sense to you before putting them into practice.

My love life sucks. I tried hard with my last girl, it’s been some work getting over her and more work learning what I have. I can’t tell you how to pick up women, I can help you understand as far as I do how a women thinks, which who knows how useful that is.

If you found anything I said useful, god bless you, spread the knowledge around, make people understand. Once everyone understands, everyone can live together and enjoy it. At least that’s how I feel.

If you have a question about how men operate, ask me. I’ll tell you, if you have a question about how women operate… Well, get ready for speculation/observation, because I am not a women. I drink scotch. I love cars, and I have a dick. Damn skippy if I know men. Women get unraveled one layer at a time around here.


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