Been Thinking about her again…

I guess this is where I come to talk about it…

Had a discussion about her with my friends. Most of them were on my side. Doesn’t really matter. I started to really miss her. I’d almost like to talk to her, but no matter what, I still refuse to talk to her. She hurt me terribly. I guess it still doesn’t matter. Because she’s out of my life, and last time I talked to her, I told her I’d never want to see her again. That may not be as strong, but I don’t think I could ever forgive her and be friends with her again.

In other news, Johnnie Walker Green Label is an Amazing Scotch. I’m a new scotch drinker, and even I think it’s miles above Dewar’s White Label. Also, Jack is pretty good, burns like hell though. Jim Beam seems to be a fair bit smoother, also less intense. Found out how good Amaretto is as well. It may sound bad, but Amaretto and Pepsi is pretty damn good.

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