Shadowrunning and BJ’s

Well, This is an update post, for all who care, I’ll be posting the results of Shadowruns with my friends and sister. Thats not really important right now, because we haven’t finished one run yet.

In other news, I work at BJ’s wholesale club. It’s not a bad place to work, but some of the people that shop there are certifiably crazy. Like a Lady that yelled at a supervisor and thought one of the cashiers screwed up her order purposely, got mad and left, and at  the door told the man to go fuck himself. The happy ending is that his last words to her were, “and you too ma’am”. So, the moral of the story is, 2 things, first we don’t want to mess up, because that gives the company a bad rep which hurts their bottom line, and as a result, we get in trouble if we mess up. Second, have a little patience with those of us who work in retail, it might be the best we can do at this point, and we’re not all incompetent, so please, be patient.

Thats all for now.


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