Calling Dell

Dell says in their Catalogs, that all their inspiron computers are ugradable, so I’m calling them to Upgrade my Processor and Video Card, truth in Advertising. I also recieved My Studio 11 Upgrades, which of course also require on the back of the box, a new processor and stronger video card to work with Vista.

This is such a f***in’ hassle. Also, I’ve been virtually led on by a girl I like… Oh well…

I’m getting the upgrade because I don’t WANT a new Computer and I deserve to NOT have to buy one to do what I want, there’s no way Dell’s stupid enough to not make their Inspirons upgradable, even if it’s recent, I only bought my Computer 2 years ago, so even if they send me the stuff I should still be able to upgrade because it isn’t that old…

This seriously is such a hassle, but I’m sure it’ll be more than worth it once I upgrade. There must be a way. I REFUSE to buy a new computer. JUST for the GAME & Video Editing… Please…


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