Why do we feel what we can’t control? Why do we feel things that hurt in the end.

Why do I like a girl I have no chance with. I fight on, it seems for no reason. There are so many things that are fucked up… One of them is my relation ships with people I want to be more than “just” friends with. It seems something f***s up. Wheather it’s me, or some extenuating circumstance, It’s always something.

And yet…I keep trying and why? I feel like I should just quit! Just give up… Make a play for the ass-angle instead of the friggin’ Nice Guy…As always, it seems, Nice Guys…Really Do Finish Last…

I might be being punished for my former relationship of the last girl I went out with. I’m sorry, I said I was, she gives me so much crap because I broke up with her… She’s even called me a whore.

Well, I don’t know…I just can’t think. I guess, I’m just gunna keep fighting… If I get anywhere, then I at least got somwhere…

Life kinda sucks.

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