The Hammar Of Dawn

Arguably The most powerful weapon in Gears of War. The hand held part that you have is no more than a targeting reticule for the Satalites. Once they triangulate whatever solid object you point the Hammar at, it charges and blows whatever is in it’s path into several hundred peices.

If you ever see a laser and hear beeping, run, dive, get the hell out of the way, before you’re nothing but burning pieces.

The Hammar is not smart, aim the laser too close and you die with your unlucky target. There is a catch to using it. You have to have a clear view of the sky, and there has to be satalites overhead. They are always in orbit and there are a significant amount of them, but if they aren’t there, the Hammar is useless.

When you get the Hammar of Dawn, don’t waste it. Use it untill the satalites can no longer trace the reticule. This post will be updated until I like it

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