Zombie Plan

“There are two kinds of people in the world, those with a plan when the zombies attack and those who don’t we call those kinds of people dinner”- Excerpt From Private Dexter Griff of RvB

Here is my Zombie Plan. Or at least the best one I can think of.

I get a car. Any car as long as it runs, and has gas. Then I go to my Dad’s house and lock all the doors and pray that it holds back the Zombies long enough to get some ammo and weapons. Then I get to a gunstore, get more weapons, ammo and then get to a food store, pack the car, and fight my way to an harbor where I get a boat, big enough to store a car, and live on the island until things quiet down.

I’ll probably rob a military depot on the way for some 50 Cal. Turret Defense. It’s not perfect, but It’ll do.

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