Road Warrior

It’s happened. I did it. I finially did it. I beat the Rollerz. The Westside Rollerz were tough, full or escorting missions, drive bys, and Rockets. Price was tough, if you go after him, I suggest taking Mr. Wong with his T3k Urban or Samatha With her K6 Krukov. Mr. Wong’s Justice makes a durable ride that is fast for the Semi’ Chase. I also suggest the Platinum T3K Urban/ T3k Urban or an SKR-7 Spree for the Semi Chase as SMGs and Pistols have unlimited ammo. The Platinum T3K Urban (Complete Vice Kings Hitman). After taking out the truck bed, start hammaring the cabin and stay to the far right to avoid the Pipe Bombs/Grenades.

Besides that, I’m almost 16! Driver’s Learner’s Permit! I’m still not sure which car to get. I need something cheap and durable. I was going to try an RX-8 (’03-’04) used of course, however, I need one under 10k which, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to find. The Mazda 3Sport doesn’t seem too bad. However it seems like more of a toy than a car. Maybe the Chevrolet Cobalt SS. I think that sounds like an OK car. An FF at that.


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