1000 Gamerscore

I’ve hit a milestone! 1010 Gamerscore baby!

It was a long road, with 2 times as many games as most! It was insane. With Saint’s Row, Oblivion, and Chrome Hounds as well as Kameo: Elements of Power contributing most of the gamerscore. I also give credit to UNO, and Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.

I also have a 100 GS thanks to MimicsShadow’s DEAD RISING! He helped a lot, and each 20 point fluff as well as his expert advice helped a lot. Thanks a bunch Mimics. The next milestone for me is either complete a game or get to 2000! The only game I could possibly complete right now is to finish NFS: Most Wanted because all the achievements are offline, besisdes that, it’s just beating the Blacklist.

I do have to get back into NFS, but, I’ve been focusing on realife racing in Forza Motorsport, and my current favorite, SAINT’S ROW!

It’s an aweosme game, and you get a lot of achievements for easy stuff. Marathon Runner (Run 26.2 Miles in the City of Stillwater) It’s great. It has better graphics than GTA and the storyline for each gang is full of decption, peril and death!

The 3rd Street Saints (Purple)
The Vice Kings (Yellow)
Los Carnales (Red)
The Westside Rollerz (Blue)

You join the Saints. You get a gun and blow the crap out of VKs, Carnales, and Rollerz, and Cops if they get in your way. Once you get a submachinegun in your crib, you can hold up in there for as long as you want. I love waiting untill I have FBI agents on me then blowing up the FBI vans.

If you’re ever in need of a Bulldog, all you need to do is piss off your loan sharks! (Mike and Dan) they come to you in a special First Borne Loans Bulldog, Just drive it around until a normal one spawns. Then mod it to your hearts content. (or take it to the Chop Shop)

For completing the Projects Hitman List you get the Platinum T3K Urban added to your crib. It has 65 ammo instead of the T3K’s normal 50! It also has increased damage aparently. As soon as I get a normal Bulldog, I’m finishing the Chop Shops, and Hitmans. They’re fun, moderatly to extremely hard, and only have one level. Unlike most of the others. (Which have 8) These activites can be completed usually for a more useful reward than Pimps Clothes.

Thats my tips…and announcement. I love Saints Row, I have reached the 1K milestone and I’m going nowhere but up. Peace…

One response to “1000 Gamerscore

  1. Lol gj taylor. Btw ur still a nubsack

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